Dominican Avocado Salad

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Dominican avocado salad needs to be prepared in a very particular way for maximum authenticity. Make Dominican avocado salad with help from a health director and executive vice president of Juiceateria in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there, I'm Chelsea Silverman, executive vice president, health director and Raw Vegan Chef at Juiceateria. And I'm going to show you a little spicy dish that I like to call Dominican avocado salad. We're going to use avocado, onion, some fresh lime juice, a medley of carrot, cabbage and tomato, some olive oil, some Dominican seasoning and a little bit of cilantro. So, first, we'll take our avocados, slice our avocados and time for fiesta. So, we'll take out the pits, and we'll slice them in the cups to keep them nice and neat. And we'll actually do these like chopped avocados, I'll make a nice chopped Dominican avocado ensalada. See, it's going to be muy delicioso. And the, we'll do the same thing to the other avocado, alright, and there we go. Watch out for the skin, that can always land in there. We'll take our lime, which I peeled off the rind, and we'll sprinkle that in, we'll only do half right now, yum. Our onion adds a nice flavor and again, really healthy for you, even though it's raw. Don't worry about your breath, because the health, that's your health insurance right here, who cares about what you smell like. And you'll be at a party anyway, everyone's going to be drinking, having a good time, no one's going to worry about what you smell like. Then, we have our veggie medley. Now, these are cherry tomatoes, you can slice them up, like so and out them in there, or if you're in a rush and you really want to get to everybody. Just throw in the tomatoes, because it's all good. And the carrots are chopped and the cabbage, it's nice and colorful. Next, we'll take the olive oil, we'll just sprinkle it on, just sprinkle, sprinkle, let it cover a little bit. Our Dominican seasoning, give it a nice spice. Make you feel like you're with all your family and friends, right in the Dominican, I can get it out, see my arm jiggle. Alright, it might best just to open up your seasoning and crush it away. And you can just, there you go, now, that's a lot. And last, we'll sprinkle the other side of lime, to top it off and I like to use my hands, as you can see, I get down and dirty. Massage it altogether, um, this smells so good and it looks even better. And it was so fast and easy. And here is our finished product of a Dominicano avocado salad. So, enjoy it, it so tasty , spicy, blended with flavors. And here you have it, Raw Vegan Chef, Chelsea Silverman signing out.


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