Avocado Milkshakes

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Avocado milkshakes taste just like chocolate pudding, and are infinitely more healthy. Find out how to make avocado milkshakes with help from a health director and executive vice president of Juiceateria in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chelsea Silverman Executive Vice President and Health Director at Juiceateria. I am so excited to show you how to make a healthy avocado milkshake, tastes just like chocolate pudding. So first we're going to take our avocados, our raw cacao powder, our soaked dates, raw honey, almond milk, date water that the dates were soaked in and some maca for some super foods. So we have our avocados that we'll take the pit out and toss that away, we'll scoop it into our handy dandy blender, all that meat nice and juicy. And this is going to be so amazing. Okay then we'll go ahead and we'll take our cacao powder well put in a nice tablespoon maybe two, maybe a little bit more. It depends on how much you like chocolate apparently I like it a lot. Then we'll take our soaked dates about a cup however how you like, make it as sweet as you want or as bland as you want. Then we'll go ahead and take our honey that you can just sprinkle in. Raw honey is really good, anti inflammatory, antiviral, you can even put it right on your skin to help cure some cuts. Then we'll go ahead and take our almond milk this you can do anywhere between 8 ounces 16 ounces depends on how much you want to use. Just fill that baby up and if want to do half almond milk half date water you can totally do that too. And I love some super foods so maca is my best friend this will help you with energy, stamina, sex drive, hormones, you name it, you got it with maca. And lastly we'll just blend it with ice and we'll go ahead and we'll take it over to the blender and mix it up. So let's blend this bad boy up and let's make some chocolate milk shakes with avocados. And boom, it's that easy. So here we have it our healthy avocado milk shake it's one of Juiceateria's favorites and one of my faovrites of my own. It's raw vegan soy free, wheat free, gluten free, nutritious rich so enjoy.


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