Fried Soft-Shell Crab

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Fried soft-shell crab is a dish so tasty that the seafood lovers in your family will clamor for more. Make fried soft-shell crab at home with help from a restaurant owner and chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Josh for Posh, and we're here at the Subzero Wolf Showroom in North Scottsdale, and today we're gonna do how to pan sear soft-shell crab. We're gonna pan sear soft-shell crab with a great crust to keep it moist and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. So what we've got here are some beautiful Chesapeake Bay soft-shell crabs. These are amazing. They smell just like salt water, which is exactly the way fresh sea food should taste. Alright, and this is a pretty simple recipe. We just have a few ingredients. We're gonna start with our soft-shell crabs, and we're gonna take an egg or two. We need to make a little egg wash, so we're gonna crack an egg into a bowl, and then we're gonna go ahead and whip everything together. You would drizzle a little bit of water in there, just to kind of thin out the consistency just a hair. We're gonna set that aside. Now we're gonna take another mixing bowl, and we're gonna mix the following ingredients. I have some all purpose flour, about 4 tablespoons. I have 2 tablespoons of potato flour. I have a teaspoon of rice flour, and 2 tablespoons of potato starch. This is what's gonna kind of add a slightly crispier crust to this. And we're gonna take some fresh herbs. Go ahead lay them out on our cutting board. We have thyme, chives, rosemary, we're just gonna give those a little rough chop. Once we're all chopped in, we're gonna add those to our batter, mix everything around real good, pinch of salt, and set aside. And the last thing we need is just a little bit of regular all purpose flour and some butter and sesame oil for cooking. So we're gonna start with taking a soft shell crab, sprinkling it with a little salt on both sides here, right into the flour. Flour first, shake off the excess, into our egg wash, drizzle the excess out, and then we're just gonna toss the soft shell crab in that real gently. We don't want to clump up our flour too much, so we're just gonna kind of let it attach to what it wants to, shake it off, set it aside. Alright, we're gonna start over a medium-high skillet with a little sesame oil. Pretty generous amount. We're not deep frying this, but we're doing a nice little pan fry. Add a little teeny bit of butter to that. And then we're gonna take our crabs, we're gonna do top side down first, same thing top side down, again, always laying away from us. Have the heat, make sure it's nice and high. And we're gonna give it about a minute and a half on that side. We're gonna make sure that we're getting golden brown, spreading our fats, our little cooking oils. And if you need to add a touch more butter, go ahead and add a touch more butter. We want the butter to make everything golden brown, but not to burn. So watch your heat, make sure that it's not too high. Soft shell crabs have some liquid in them, so it should help calm the heat down if it's a little too hot. But again, we don't want burnt butter or burnt flour. So we're gonna turn them slightly, lay the pan away from us, put the soft shell crab to the top, we're gonna lightly baste, just real quickly on the unseared side for now. That's gonna get our flour ready to be seared on the other side. Be careful about doing this at home, it take a little bit of practice and skill. Alright, now that I'm pretty sure that we're cooked all the way through, we have a nice crispy crust on the outside, we'll go ahead and let these out of the pan, pat 'em dry, look at that. Golden brown, just right. And I have created a little salad here of some shaved fennel, some scallion. Got a little extra virgin olive oil, even a little hard-boiled egg there. So we're gonna set those on a plate, we're gonna call up some friends, sit down, relax and enjoy a great soft shell crab dinner.


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