A Red Curry Butternut Squash Soup Using Coconut Milk

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You can make a delicious red curry butternut squash soup right at home using coconut milk and a few other fine ingredients. Make a red curry butternut squash soup using coconut milk with help from a restaurant owner and chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Josh from Posh and we're at the Sub Zero Wolf Showroom in North Scottsdale. And today, we're going to show you how to cook red curry butternut squash or wild squash soup. Today, we've got some beautiful squash from the Farmer's Market. These aren't butternut squash as much as a hybrid called red curry squash. So, what naturally would go great with red curry squash soup, a little bit of red curry as well. So, we're going to start out like you'd start out with just about any other soup. We're going to go with a little bit of butter, melt and add a touch of red onion. That red onion's about one whole red onion, we're going to stir, allow that to get nice and sweat, let all the liquid release from the onion. And then, we're going to de-glaze with a little bit of sake. Once we've de-glazed with our sake, we're going to turn the heat up a little bit, kind of let that reduce to form a nice syrup. And then, we're going to take the squash which is cooked, we're going to get rid of our seeds here, scrape them out. If you want to save these and toast them up later, you absolutely can, they work just like pumpkin seeds. And then, you're going to scoop out this inner flesh, all that nice roast, you can smell how sweet this is. And this is a perfect time of year for this. You can make this like you'd make any butternut squash soup, but we're going to make this with a little twist. So, we're going to let that melt into our soup, give it a good stir and then, we're going to add a touch of red curry. I'm going to go in with about two tablespoons of red curry paste. And again, we're going to bring it up to a simmer, allow the flavors to mingle, then, we're going to add a little chicken stock. We're going to bring that up to a simmer and let it simmer for 20 minutes or so. Once the 20 minutes have gone by, we're going to check the seasoning, add a little bit of salt. And this is going to go right out, off the pan and into a blender. Now, we're going to thicken it, instead of using heavy cream, we're actually going to thicken it with a little bit of coconut milk. So, we're going to add our soup base here, into our blender and we have the fanciest blender in the world, here. This is a Vitamix, if you've got the extra eight hundred bucks, you can make an amazing blender. Cover the top real good and turn that on high. Now, we're going to add the coconut milk at the end, because coconut milk can actually break a little bit. The fat sometimes will simmer out and cause it to separate and it will look just like broken butter. So, we're going to give that one more, little stir. And once all of our ingredients have been pureed and blended, we're going to bring it back to the heat real quickly, up to a simmer. Again, we don't want to break the coconut milk out of there. Check our seasoning one more time, a little salt, maybe a touch of pepper. Then, we're just going to go ahead and get ourselves a nice hot bowl, pour our soup right into the bowl here. Maybe we can top, this red curry and coconut milk go nice with little, fresh mint, maybe a little cilantro as well, just tear some cilantro leaves and stems. And then, we're going to sit down with our loved ones, invite some friends over, and have a nice, hot, piping bowl of red curry coconut squash soup. Cheers and enjoy.


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