Fennel Root Recipes

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Fennel root recipes typically call for just a few key ingredients and a little bit of your time. Find out about some great fennel root recipes with help from a restaurant owner and chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Josh from POSH and today we're at the Wolf Sub Zero showroom in North Scottsdale. We're going to work on making a fennel salad. But first we're going to answer a quick question about fennel. You look in the grocery store and you see these with these big stems on them, OK. First of all, the only part of the fennel that's edible is this part. And second of all, how do I pick one? Well you want to look for a nice, clean, white all the way through type of fennel. Nothing too green, especially along the leaves. The second thing is, sometimes you'll see little baby fennels with big, long sprouts. Only use those if you're really going to cook them. Because those are a lot more fibrous and make quite as delicate of a salad as these big fennel bulbs do. So first thing we're going to do is we're going to shave our fennel down past these little roots and get a nice, flat top. And we're going to take one of these little Chinese mandolins and shave some fennel nice and thin. You want to go almost paper thin on this. It has a much nicer texture when it's like that. So we're going to adjust our blade to be nice and thin, real delicate. We're going to shave one whole fennel or just about one whole fennel here. And we're going to add that to what we have already shaved is some fresh butternut squash that's just lightly dripped in some boiling water and then shot. So we're going to mix our fennel into that. And we're going to pick a couple of herbs. We're going to do a little fresh thyme here, just the leaves. Kind of stroke it from the back to the front and pick all the leaves off in one quick motion like that. Real delicately holding the leaves. And we're going to do the same with some oregano, except with oregano, we're going to go the opposite direction. We're going to go from front to back and pluck all the leaves off. Get the last little bits on the tip there. Probably do about two or three stems of oregano. Yum. And we're going to go with a little pinch of salt. Teeny little squeeze of lemon juice. And we can set that aside. Next thing we're going to do is take a mixing bowl and we're going to add a little teeny pinch of shallots, and a little teeny pinch of garlic. And then we're going to squeeze the juice from about half a lemon. Careful so we don't get any seeds in there. A little pinch of salt. A grind of fresh cracked black pepper. Wipe our hands. Then we'll go with about four tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. I'm using a Greek extra virgin olive oil to kind of give that nice floral flavor. Some of the olive oils from northern Italy can be a little peppery, some of the Spanish ones can be a little peppery. This is just nice, delicate and floral. Give that a little whisk to emulsify it and we've basically made here a real simple vinaigrette. So we're going to take our fennel and our butternut squash shavings. Go ahead and emulsify our dressing. Set it into our bowl and just do a nice light toss. Kind of tilt our bowl to the side. Just kind of flip the ingredients over one another real delicately. That way it's nice to kind of gently coat everything all the way through on all sides. Get a really nice, even flavor and bite. Again this is a cool texture with a lot of a cool salad with a lot of nice textures and flavors as well. But real delicate and clean. Go ahead and add that to the middle of the plate there. If we want to drizzle a little bit more of our vinaigrette along the sides, please do. And then it's really nice to kind of finish this salad by garnishing it with some of these fennel fronds. The little whispy tips here, these are all edible and kind of nice and delicate. They add a nice little splashes of color and flavor. And there we have it, ladies and gentlemen. One more grind of pepper if you're that kind of person. Here we have a butternut squash and fennel salad with a little lemon oil. So relax and enjoy a nice summer dish. Cheers.


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