How to Make Nametake Mushrooms

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Nametake mushrooms really go well with a wide variety of different dishes. Find out how to make nametake mushrooms right at home with help from a restaurant owner and chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Josh from POSH, and we're here at the Sub Zero Wolf showroom in North Scottsdale to show you how to make Nametake mushrooms. All right. We are going to start with a little sesame oil in a hot pan. You see we're almost smoking there. With that we're going to add a little teeny bit of shallot, little teeny bit of garlic, be careful, that can burn quick. And some Nametake mushrooms. We're going to give them a quick stir, add a little bit of mirin, add a little bit of sake, and about a tablespoon of soy sauce. To that, we're going to make sure our mushrooms are settles nicely in the bottom of the pan. Give them a good stir, and cook them on high heat. Make sure we're all the way up for about a minute and a half. And we're going to slowly baste our mushrooms. These have a lot of liquid in them, so we're going to let them kind of soak up all of our cooking liquid. And you'll notice as the heat sits there, it's going to start to form a little bit of a glaze. We're just going to reduce this cooking liquid until we've got a nice solid syrupy thick glaze going on. These mushrooms cook quickly, and this is a real quick pan sauce. This can be served wonderfully with steaks, chicken, seafood, soups, just about anything. They have a great texture, very healthy, and like all mushrooms, really, really low on calorie and easily digestible. So as we finish, again, we're going to check and make sure our heat is nice and high. We're getting to that point where there's just a little bit of liquid left in the pan. We're going to hold our pan above the heat, give it a couple last minute stirs, and right before our glaze if finished, we're going to add some scallions and some chopped fresh herbs. I have a little bit of thyme, little fresh parsley. Stir and just go ahead and set down on a plate. Make sure we have all those mushrooms, all those herbs and that last little bit of glaze liquid just goes right over the top. So you can see, it doesn't take much to make a great side dish. And these are amazing Japanese Nametake mushrooms. Cheers and enjoy.


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