Coconut Milk Sorbet

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Coconut milk sorbet is a nice, exotic treat that will surely please the entire family. Make coconut milk sorbet with help from a restaurant owner and chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Josh from POSH, and we're at the Sub Zero Wolf showroom in North Scottsdale, Arizona, and today we're going to learn how to make coconut sorbet. This is a quick and simple sorbet recipe that you can use with any home ice cream maker that you've gotten for your wedding, birthday or any special event. And this one is easy. Coconut milk sorbet is great because it only has a few ingredients and can be done relatively quickly. We're going to start off with a can of coconut milk. Now when you buy coconut milk, buy something that's a little nicer. You're going to notice that sometimes it'll be a little thicker at the top than at the bottom. This is actually a really nice brand of coconut milk. It stays consistent all the way through. To that we're going to add a half a cup of simple syrup. And this is just one to one simple syrup that's been brought to a simmer to allow everything to bind. All of our sugar is dissolved. We're going to whisk that in to our coconut milk real carefully. And then we're going to add two more ingredients. We have an eighth of a teaspoon of vanilla paste. We're not really trying to make it taste like vanilla, but just kind of sweeten the coconut milk up a little bit more. And the last thing we're going to add is a teeny little pinch, I'm just going to use the tip of my knife to measure, of something called xanthum gum. Xanthum gum actually kind of helps thicken just a touch, but what it really does is prevents ice crystals from forming in your sorbet. So you can keep it in the freezer for a day or two and you'll be just fine. Once you've whisked everything together, you're going to go ahead, and you need to chill this down all the way to just before freezing. Basically 33, 34 degrees which is what you have in your refrigerator. So we're going to set that all the way down. Put it in another container and you're going to drop this container in the refrigerator for a couple hours until we know that it's just before freezing. Once we're done, we're going to go to our freezer and we're going to grab the bowl that came with our ice cream maker, set it on top, and we're going to take our just about freezing liquid, throw it in there, and add the little paddle attachment. Place the top on and go ahead and turn that on, and that's going to spin. It usually takes anywhere from about 15 to 20 minutes to get everything emulsified and kind of chipped into ice crystals and ready to form a nice milky ice cream. Once that's done, you want to take that bowl right out just like this, drop it in to your freezer just to let it freeze all the way through, and you're going to have your frozen sorbet ready to go in just a few hours. So invite some friends over, grab a bowl and a spoon. There we go, nice perfect consistency there. And if you're a coconut fan like I am, you can't wait to dive in to this. So call over the neighbors. If you're like us in Arizona where it's summer all year round, get ready to relax and enjoy some amazing coconut sorbet. Cheers and have a great day.


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