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Townhomes can be big, beautiful brownstones or newer duplexes. Find out how to decorate a townhome with help from an accomplished interior and life designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Carol Ruth Weber, interior designer and and life designer. You can visit me at Today, we're going to be speaking about town homes. We often think about town homes as those big beautiful brown stones that we see in cities such as New York. these are, these are wonderful places that climb up to the sky. Town homes can also be a newer duplex that you can see in newer, newer states and out in the suburbs, but town homes no matter what have many floors and are different that regular traditional houses, in that they climb up to the sky instead of spreading out on to a lawn. Town homes often are narrow and railroaded typed rooms, so these are unique to decorate. You must, you want to think about where everything is going, so you need a plan of action, so create a floor plan or hire a professional and get your mind going in creative, to think about what, what kind of furniture you want to put in your town home. Often when you walk in to a town home you're walking in to foyer, with a sitting room and maybe an office leaving out to a back yard garden. Kitchens in town homes are not on the first floor, often they are not, they are on the 2ed or 3rd floor, unlike a traditional home, the kitchen is the center of the entertainment, so in a traditional home you walk right in and the kitchen is there whereas in a town home the stairs are leading up to your entertainment area. Everything needs continuity, if you have wood floors, then keep the stairs wood, add a beautiful runner coming down the stairs, that maybe matches the rug you have in the foyer. With paint you can paint the rooms different colors, but you don't want bold colors, you don't want like one room in a bright blue and another room in bright purple, keep the continuity, keep the softness going and create, create a flow from room to room. Use built ins carefully, you don't, space is you need to use every square inch, especially in places like the city where that's costing you a lot of money for that little square foot of space, use, go under the stairs, use every niche, you could do built in shelves under the stairs, you coupled even do a half bath built in under stairs. Decorating town homes can be a lot of fun and you could use your creative mind. You don't want heavy curtains on the windows because of the rooms are small, you want to let that natural light in, so treat your windows, put pretty shears in front of them, if you like the look of curtains, just use shears, a soft shear with a blind behind it or use a Roman shade. In the bedroom you can use a Roman shade make it darkening, but in the daylight you open it up and you have a nice bright room. Town homes are, you want good lighting in them, you want to make sure you have your general lighting and you have your accent lighting, you have good reading lighting because this way at night time you turn the lights on and you have a place to have a party for people. In the kitchen if you don't have room for a table, think about building a counter seat. Use your space creatively, that's what is most important, you are the one who's living there. And what's very special about town homes is that you don't have a big lawn, you don't have to do any cutting of grass really. Maybe a little gardening in the back, what ever you want, but you don't have to tend to the outside as much as with traditional homes, so you get to play indoors with all of your furnishings, so have fun with your furnishings, build in a built in bookcase around the window, with a little seating, a window seat that you could sit on and read a book at. Use your space effectively, so that every square inch is used for your living and enjoy your life in your new abode and your decorated town home. And never be afraid to dance.


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