Decorative Painting Ideas for an Armoire

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Adding decorative paint to an armoire is a great way to breath new life into an old piece. Get decorative painting ideas for an armoire with help from an accomplished interior and life designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Carol Ruth Weber, interior designer and life designer. You can visit me at Today, we are going to be speaking about reinventing your armoire with a little paint. Paint is wonderful for the furnishings, it can make your furniture look brand new again. People think you actually went out and bought new pieces. You can take an old armoire and actually paint it an entire different color and it will look like a different piece. If you are going to paint one color or any of the colors you want to use an enamel paint cause that's hard. And a high gloss is preferred at least by me. I would finish it with a polyurethane so it would be tough for everyday use. You can use two colors, you can paint the molding and the panels in different coordinating colors or contrasting colors if you want some fun. You can use a few different colors and create almost like an ombre look starting from the bottom where it's darker. And rising up high to a lighter color. Anything you do will look beautiful as long as you use your creativity and your mind. And bring out the artist in you. Use a panel as a canvass creating a piece of artwork. If you are an artist maybe you can create your own freehand drawing. Or use a mural technique such as a overhead projector or graphing method to create a mural that matches the flowers on your upholstery. Whatever you do you can turn your armoire into a beautiful piece of art that will become the centerpiece of the room. Is your armoire worn and old looking? Then fill in the cracks with some filler. And sand it down and add a faux paint on top of it. And faux painting is wonderful, it hides all the imperfections. If you do a crackle finish which will bring out an antiquey look. You can marbleize it. You can take a boring plain white armoire and turn it into something that looks like wood. You could do so many different things just with a little creativity, imagination, your paint, and some little work. And you can really create a beautiful abode. Enjoy yourself and never be afraid to dance.


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