How to Decorate a Toy Room

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You can decorate a toy room in a variety of different fun ways depending on your preferences. Find out how to decorate a toy room with help from an accomplished interior and life designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Carol Ruth Weber, Interior Designer and Life Designer. You can visit me at Today, we're going to talk about something fun, the toy room; at least fun for the kids. Unless you're Mary Poppins, tired parents are the ones cleaning up the toy room usually or screaming at the kids to clean it up. So, it's a great idea when planning a toy room to get the whole family involved. Toy rooms you want to be open spaces so the kids can have fun, relaxing and opening up their creativity on the floor. So, when you're on the floor, you want either a carpet with a nice backing to it or an area rug. The kids can hang out with big throw pillows or bean bags and just be themselves. You also want maybe a bed or Futon in the room so the room can also double for sleepover parties. In order to be organized though, that's what's important, you want shelving units with nice organized boxes that the kids can have labeled and put their objects in and you want them to be able to do these things themselves. Boxes like these work great because they stack together and can, you can put building blocks in and all sorts of fun items in them. These storage item, ottomans are dual purpose because storage ottomans work as little tables or resting spots for the children, but they also have secret compartments to hide little toys in. Lego makes a wonderful product now. We love our Lego blocks and the kids love their Lego blocks as well. Well, now, Lego has developed a huge Lego block that actually opens up as a storage container. But, not only does it do that, the block becomes a Lego, a giant Lego piece to play with. So, if you get a bunch of these blocks that kids can actually build their own fork to play with and then afterwards, break them down and have a place to store all their goodies in and put aside. These are great boxes to use. This is a, just a simple cardboard box with a top and you can put papers and artwork in. This is a great little bin for pencils and crayons and such. You also want it to be exciting. The paint can be bold, fun colors or can also be chalkboard paint which is great because the kids can actually express themselves on the wall without you screaming at them for writing or drawing on the walls. There's also dry erase paint and there's also a magnetic primer. And you can use this primer under any color paint and it's great because the kids can post their A+ papers, they can post their fun artwork with their fun magnets and the wall can just become an entire decorative outlook of the, of who the kids are. The important thing is keep the family involved and keep the room clean. So, make it a fun activity for the kids to organize their own toys in their own boxes, so this way, you're not the exhausted parent yelling and screaming and cleaning the room. The whole family should enjoy themselves in the abode; that's why everyone should have their own space. But, make it fun, make it happy, make it peaceful space. Enjoy yourself and never be afraid to dance.


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