How to Decorate Bedrooms in Bungalows

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Bedrooms in bungalows should always be decorated in a very particular way to maximum spacial constraints as much as possible. Decorate bedrooms in bungalows with help from an accomplished interior and life designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Carol Ruth Weber, interior designer and life designer, you can visit me at Today, we're going to talk about decorating a bungalow size bedroom. That's your quaint, little bedroom, whether it's in a bungalow or a house, it's small bedroom. My old dream of having that master suite someday, but unfortunately many of us don't have that. So, decorating a small bedroom can be a challenge. Now, if it's a guest room, then you might want to use a futon as a, with a desk, as an option. That can open up for when you have the occasional desk. But if it's an everyday room, then you want to be careful, you need some place to be comfortable, where you can sleep every night without pulling a bed out. So, think about different alternatives. Loft beds are not just for kids, there are loft beds in double size, even queen- size. This creates a whole, another bedroom, a floor up from your bed, of your actual bedroom. Creating space below to use as a desk or dressing area, or whatever you choose. There's also the pull-down beds, these can be very comfortable, they nearly go up against the wall during the day time, and you pull them down at night. Now, the new pull-down beds have incorporated in them, sofas, tables, desks. So, you have a versatile room. Now, if you just like your old-fashioned bedding, then you could just go with an old-fashioned bed. Now, if it's just a single, you can try a twin bed. Twin beds work nicely between two book cases and can double as a day bed, in the afternoon as a setee. And you have a place to sit and relax. A double bed is nice for a couple, if you like to be very close, and you an actually put a double bed against the wall. Just be aware, that one of you is going to have to crawl in by the foot board. A queen size bed is great for a royal couple, but as you can see, it takes up much of the room. Be careful with your accessories, you might not have room for bedside tables. So, instead, maybe you want a storage headboard, or maybe you want to attach your bed lights to the wall or ceiling. You just have to be creative, be versatile with your furnishings. Instead of painting the walls one color and the ceiling another, have continuity in your paint. Paint the entire room, ceilings and walls one color, and paint the trimming in a contrasting color. Be inventive, that's the idea for any room. But especially for the bedroom, you spend, just remember you spend half of your time in your bedroom. The other half, you might be away out, at work. So, most of your time in your house, is going to be spent in bed, in your bedroom, relaxing. And you want a peaceful atmosphere. So, a cozy bungalow bedroom is not so bad, if you make it your own. Have fun, get a good night's sleep and never be afraid to dance.


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