How to Create a Virtual DVD or CD on a USB Drive

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Creating a virtual DVD or CD requires little more than a USB drive and the right software. Create a virtual DVD or CD with help from an audio engineer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Tim Trotter, and today I'm going to show you how you can take a USB drive and a CD and make a virtual CD on this USB drive. Now, why would you want to do that? There's a couple of reasons, one is if you have drivers or software on this CD and maybe the CD is a little long in the tooth and kicked around by your kids or something like that and you want to make a good copy on to your USB drive. Another reason is if you're a independent software developer and you want a way to get your software out there a little easier or if you want to pass it around to friends, USB. Let's find out to make that. Go ahead and plug in your USB drive, see it appear here and the CD we're using today is just a simple CD with driver software for a camera, in this case a Cannon. Now, to make a virtual disk image to that USB drive, you need to go up here to you top menu bar on go, then down to utilities, then once you're in utilities go ahead and find disk utility. Now what you're going to want to find is your super drive here and below that your Cannon CD, go ahead and select that and on these three top bars here you're going to want to go to restore. Now, it should already have the source as the Cannon and that's correct, now you need a destination, go ahead and drag your blank USB up to here, let's see a little plus sign there, go ahead and release and once it's in there, everything looks all kosher, go ahead and hit restore and you're going to want to click erase, punch in your password for your computer, if you've got one and you'll see it running down here. We went ahead and skipped to the end of this video here sense that took about a couple minutes there. Once you've done that it should appear on your desktop and as you see it here you've got the original CD and now your USB is the same thing as your CD, go ahead click the CD and there you are and your virtual CD, which is now on your USB and it's the same thing. And there you have it. That's how to make a virtual CD with a USB. So, there you go a really simple way that you can use the built in tools within your Mac to make a virtual CD. I hope that helps you out and thanks for watching.


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