How to Use MP3 Message Alert for iPhone

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Using an MP3 message alert for an iPhone is a great way to personalize your Apple device. Use an MP3 message alert for an iPhone with help from an audio engineer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

HI, I'm Tim Trotter, and today I'm going to show you how you can set up an MP3 message alert for your iPhone. Now, in the past, it used to be a very complicated procedure to get an MP3 on to your Phone, to use it as an ringtone or a text tone or something of that nature, but in recent years it's actually quite easy, and there's a couple of different solutions for that. The first one is to actually use the iTunes browser within your iPhone, I'm going to show you how to do that now. So, as you can see here we're going to, on the bottom right we're going to click on iTunes, it's opening up ion music here, if you go here to the bottom right under more, you'll see tones here, just under audio books, you'll want to hit that and that brings up the ringtone store and you can buy pretty much a ringtone of any of the songs that are available on iTunes and assign that to a contact or to a text tone, what ever you want. For our example purposes, I've already got one downloaded here, I'm gong to show you where to find that, just go back here to your main menu and go to settings, then go to sounds, then under ringtone you're going to go up here, we've got something like this. That was option one, now option two is if you have a piece of sound that you can't get it anywhere else or if you want to record a sound and turn it in to a ringtone or even compose a ringtone of your own. Now, in order to do that we're going to use GarageBand which you get for 5 dollars on The Apple App Store and we're going to go there now and I'm going to show you how to use that. So, I've got GarageBand right here, so I'm going to go ahead and open it up. Now, for this example purposes here I've already made a ringtone and it's Dark Cycle and it sounds something like this. So, I've got this created track in GarageBand here, now in order to turn it in to a ringtone, what I need to do is go back up to the main menu here and then I'm going to click on edit in the top right here, I'm going to select Dark Cycle and this box with the arrow jumping out of it in the far left here, go ahead and tap that and all the way down on the bottom you'll see share song as a ringtone, go ahead and hit that. And you can name your ringtone here. Now, you'll notice in this little button here in the top right here called export, we're going to go ahead and hit that and it's exporting as a ringtone. Now, it will give us an option here, we can ether press okay and it'll drop it in to our ringtone source in preferences or we can choose anther option and use sound as, which will give us a couple more options, such a standard ringtone, standard text tone or you can even assign it to a particular contact. We're just going to go ahead and hit standard ringtone here and we're going to back out of GarageBand and go back in to settings and you'll see it listed here, it's already selected for you, how convenient, just go ahead and hit it and you're good to go. And there you have it, there's two ways that you can change your message alerts on your iPhone. Hopefully that helps you out and thanks for watching.


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