Microphones That Work With Skype & a Mac

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Certain microphones are great for use with both Skype and a Mac computer. Learn about microphones that work with Skype and a Mac with help from an audio engineer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Tim Trotter, and today I'm going to talk about various microphones that you can hook up to your Mac to use with Skype. Now as some of you might not know, your Mac already has a microphone built into it. Now you can sure as heck use that for Skype, but you may not want to. As the microphone is built right into the computer, its right next to the internal hard drive and fans and can pick up residual noise. And you may not want that if you're say using it in a dorm room and you've already got a lot of noise and you still want to be able to communicate to whoever is on the other end of Skype. So we're going to explore a couple of options today that you can use to plug into your Mac. The first microphone we have here today is what's called a lavaliere mic. This is an unbalanced mic and this particular one happens to be rather inexpensive. This is used simply just to clip on near your neck or your throat area, much like the one that I'm using to record this video today and can be picked up relatively inexpensively. This port here goes right into your auxiliary audio input on your Mac and can easily be plugged in that way. The next mic that we have is the mic that we're recording on. This is a balanced lavalier mic and runs via an XLE connection. And XLR connection is a more professional way of carrying the signal across to your recording device and produces usually a really great sound. Our third mic is a USB mic. This particular one is about a mid range professional mic and could be easier than the cheap lavalier mic I previously mentioned. As you just plug it into your computer via USB and generally a pop up will appear on your Mac that says do you want to use this mic. Click yes and you're good to go. Those are just some of the mics that you can use with a Mac. Now I'm just going to quickly show how you can set one up once you're in Skype. Once you've opened up Skype go ahead and click on the main Skype bar here and click on preferences. You'll get a window that looks like this. You're going to click on the audio/video tab here. Go ahead and click on the microphone tab here and you'll get a list of microphones that may or may not already be connected to your Mac. This top one here, built in microphone, internal microphone here, that's going to be the one that is of course built into your Mac and you can totally feel free to use that. Other things that you have plugged in like the lavalier or in this case we have selected the Yeti microphone which was the bigger USB microphone I showed you earlier and that's selected and you can see here in these bars here that as I talk it is definitely picking up sound because you see movement there. Now generally when you're on Skype you want to make sure that you've got this little check box clicked here as that will automatically adjust your microphone for whichever circumstance you're going to be using. And once you've got that selected you should be totally good to go on Skype. And there you have it, a couple of different mic options and setting them up. It's pretty simple and hope that helps you get on line with Skype. Thanks for watching.


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