Tzatziki Yogurt Substitute

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There are many different Tzatziki yogurt substitutes for you to experiment with depending on your preferences. Learn about a great Tzatziki yogurt substitute with help from a nutrition expert and published author in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Victoria Shanta Retelny, nutrition expert and author of The Essential Guide to Healthy Healing Foods. Today, I'm going to be showing you how to make a tzatziki yogurt sauce. It's a real basic Greek sauce that's used for dipping or as an accompaniment to any meal. So you start with a really high quality olive oil preferably cold pressed. And you put some in your bowl. And you are going to add garlic to this, I have minced and chopped the garlic. This is about a clove of garlic. And then then one of your main ingredients is going to be lemon juice. So you add a little lemon juice to this. I've taken a fresh lemon and you just squeeze lemon juice into this. If you do not have lemon juice you can use vinegar, white wine vinegar is preferable. So put some lemon juice in this. And then you just stir the mixture up. Okay so you are stirring that up. Then you are going to add one of the other main ingredients is dill. So add some dill to this. So there you go you've got some finely chopped dill. And dill is such a wonderful aromatic herb that I love to use. So for this dish tzatziki it is fantastic in it. Then you are going to take some cucumbers. I like to use the small mini gourmet cucumbers because they are seedless. So it works really well in this dish. So you are just going to chop your cucumbers and you are going to make them as fine as you can. You just dice them in here. And you are going to add these to your yogurt. So what we are going to do is once you dice the cucumbers, they are really easy to use. You can also use larger cucumbers if you like but as you can see these have seeds in them. So you can take the seeds out. So what you do is in a larger bowl you add yogurt. So this is some plain low-fat yogurt and you add a little sour cream. So you can also use a low-fat or fat-free sour cream. But I like to have a little fat in the dish. It does make it taste better. So once you've got your yogurt and your sour cream in here you add your olive oil mixture with your dill and with your garlic. So add that right in. And just mix this ever so gently. And then you are going to add your cucumbers to this. It's a nice dish, it all comes together. So you add your diced cucumbers. And try to add quite a few cucumbers. Cucumbers really make this dish tasty. So you are going to dice that in there and mix it in. And this is going to make a wonderful tzatziki sauce that is great for dipping and for any meal. I hope you enjoyed this recipe. For more about me and my business visit me at Evolve your eating today.


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