An Experiment to Ripen Avocados

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You can ripen avocados right in your own kitchen by following just a few key steps with the right tools. Participate in an experiment to ripen avocados with help from a nutrition expert and published author in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Victoria Shanta Retelny, nutrition expert and author of The Essential Diet to Healthy Healing Foods. Today, I'm going to show you an experiment that I did on how to ripen avocados. So, here we have a ripe avocado and on that's not so ripe. If you think about an avocado when you buy an avocado you want to feel the flesh, if it's soft, it's more ripe, if it's firm, it's not as ripe. So, to use an avocado, it should be a little softer and a little less bright green, you want it a little, a little more brown, a little less bright green. So what we're going to do, what I did, is I placed my avocado in a bag with a banana, so you want to get a banana that is a little more ripe, so not so green, put it in a bag and you're going to fold over the bag so that it's well sealed and put this is a dark preferably cool place over night. And the gasses that they release, they release Etheline, they will actually help ripen each other and the avocado does become ripe. So I did this over night and the avocado did ripen, so it became a little more soft to the touch and I was able to use it the next day. So that is my experiment on how to ripen an avocado. I hoped you enjoyed this recipe. For more about me and my business visit me at Involve your eating today.


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