How to: Avocado & Vegan Peanut Butter Mousse

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Avocado and vegan peanut butter mousse is a really delicious way to cap off a fine meal. Learn how to prepare avocado and vegan peanut butter mousse with help from a nutrition expert and published author in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Victoria Shanta Retelny, nutrition expert and author of The Essential Guide to Healthy Healing Foods. Today, I'm going to be showing you how to make avocado and vegan peanut butter mousse. It's real simple and the ingredients you'll need is, a whole avocado, two tablespoons of natural peanut butter, dates, so I use about six dates in this. And then, I spice it up a little bit with cinnamon and a touch of cayenne pepper. So, we'll add this to our food processor, I'm just going to blend this altogether, you cut your avocado. And avocados are a great conduit to making a mousse, because they have a nice texture and they add a nice thickness to this. Your peanut butter, and like I said, I use a creamy peanut butter, only because that's a little bit easier and it's a smoother texture for a mousse type product. And then, your dates, you're going to give it a nice hint of sweetness. And there is a lot of fiber and a ton of potassium in dates, so I highly recommend that people use those. And then, just put a little bit of your cinnamon in, you don't have to use too much, about a teaspoon and just a touch, a pinch of cayenne, it's going to give it a little zip. O.k., so, you put that all in there and you pulse. Now, you may have to go in and get, get it off, of the sides and re-stir, only because those dates and the avocados get stuck on the side of the food processor there. So, make sure you do, do that. If it gets to be too much, add a little water to it, it might help. O.k., my mousse is ready and like I said, add a couple of teaspoons of water, if you need to, to make it a little thinner. But it's all set, I've got one done right here, which is, this is what it looks like. And you can use this as a spread on breads, you can use it as a dip, I like to use it in cream puffs. Actually in between the cream puff layers, it tastes delicious, it's savory and sweet at the same time. So, enjoy some today. I hope you enjoyed this recipe. For more about me and my business, visit me at, evolve your reading today.


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