Whole Wheat Vegetarian Lasagna

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Whole wheat vegetarian lasagna is a dish so delicious it will please even the pickiest eaters in your family. Make whole wheat vegetarian lasagna with help from a nutrition expert and published author in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Victoria Shanta Retelny, nutrition expert and author of the Essential Guide to Healthy Healing Food, and today I'm going to show you how to make whole wheat vegetarian lasagna. The first step would be to make your sauce. It's real simple. You can use stewed tomatoes, a little bit of tomato paste, parsley and garlic. And you add this to a food processor. I choose to use stewed tomatoes without salt because it really does decrease the sodium in this dish. Plus you will be utilizing tomato paste which does have some salt in it already. So you add your stewed tomatoes and then you'll add your tomato paste. Put a little bit of minced garlic, so about a glove which is going to give it a nice aromatic scent and also some flat leaf parsley which is wonderful. Plus it's a nice little breath soother after having that garlic. So there you go, you place that all in your food processor and just blend away. So now what we're going to do, once this is blended you're going to bring this over to the stove. I've got some onion cooking with a little bit of olive oil, preferably a high quality olive oil. So you're going to turn this on. You've got your onions cooking with your olive oil, and make sure your onions get a little bit translucent. Add this to your pot with your onions and just simmer away. And this will simmer. The longer it simmers the longer the juices and the flavors kind of take hold. And a little bit of fat in this is good because tomatoes contain lycopene which actually is a wonderful anti-oxidant which that fat really helps get it into your cells better. OK. So our sauce is done. It has simmered nicely and I've added a bit to our lasagna dish. Before you begin make sure you add some sauce to the bottom. I've already boiled my whole wheat noodles. Now lasagna noodles take about ten minutes to boil. These are whole wheat. So check your noodles. I like mine a little firmer, a little al dente, but you might not. So if you want them a little firmer you cook them last. If you like them softer cook them a bit more. Mine cook for ten minutes. So you add your lasagna noodles. Then you put your layer of ricotta. The is whole milk ricotta and I use two spatulas to spread this only because it is much easier to spread with two spatulas. Plus I use a firm one and a soft spatula. It makes it a little more easy. So make sure you put a thin layer of your ricotta. And then you're going to add your Mozzarella cheese. You can use grated Mozzarella. I choose to use whole. This is part skim Mozzarella. So just use you know, one or two pieces on each layer. Sometimes I just skip and use one or two. Now make sure they're not too thick and there's one of your layers. I put basil, fresh basil leaves in between. You can put any vegetable you like. If you'd like to use a green pepper or roasted red tomatoes or roasted red peppers in your sauce that's great too. So there's one of your layers. So what we're going to do is make multiple here. So put your sauce over this. So we're spreading out sauce and the goal is to get sauce and cheese nicely distributed throughout the lasagna so each bite you're getting some cheese and some sauce. And you're also getting that punch of basil which is such a nice aromatic in this dish. And I usually use about five or six layers. It depends on the size of your pan. But we've got a finished product right here. It's done for you. And this is your whole wheat vegetarian lasagna. I hope you enjoyed this recipe. For more about me and my business, visit me at VitoriaShantaRetelny.com. Evolve your reading today.


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