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Tips and tricks to taking the best photos with your smartphone.

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Smartphones can't match results for DSLR or point and shoot cameras. But, when your smartphone is within reach and another camera isn't be ready to take best pictures possible. I'm Jon Rettinger here with a few tips to squeeze the most camera out of your iphone or android device. These days when a photo worthy moment happens it looks a little less like this and a little more like this. Your smartphone can't perform like a feature packed DSLR camera but some apps can give it DSLR like abilities. When I'm searching in the app store or google play these are my favorite features that I look for in a photo app. As smart as your smartphone may be it doesn't always know exactly what you're taking a picture of so...tell it! Your regular camera app may let you just adjust focus or exposure by tapping on the screen. The area that you touch becomes sharp and the light level adjusts to optimize that area. However, sometimes that area that you want in sharp focus isn't the area you want the brightness set to. Apps that let you do these separately give you much more control over your picture. When you have objects in your frame that range from very bright to very dark you normally would have to choose the exposure for one of them and compromise on the others. However, HDR, or high dynamic range, helps address these and can produce really dramatic results. A true HDR feature takes the same photo three times with different exposures and blends them all together. Normally when you touch the screen and press the button to take the picture the camera shakes and your image can sometimes blur. Image stabilizer is a great feature to look for and works by delaying the shutter release until your camera steadies after you press it. This gives you a better chance to get that image extra sharp. You know how frustrating it is when you just missed that picture perfect moment? Or your camera resets after taking a picture so you miss the next one you want? Adding burst mode allows rapid firing on a series of photos. This gives you flexibility to pick the best one from a series or you can create an entire series as a unique way to capture your action. Regardless of which photo apps you fall in love with for your smart phone remember to have it easily accessible, even putting it on the lock screen so you can be instantly ready to capture that once in a lifetime moment. Thanks for tuning in! There's much more on tap for you, right here on eHow Tech.

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