Baked Sea Bass With Garlic & Butter

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Baked sea bass really tastes great when prepared with both garlic and butter in the proper way. Make baked sea bass with garlic and butter with help from one of the most talented and dedicated chefs in Manhattan in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello I'm Jason Tilmann, executive chef at Triumph Restaurant here in the Iroquois Hotelo on 44th Street in New York City. Today we're going to be making a baked stripe bass with garlic and butter, super super easy. I'm going to add a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and white wine to that to kind of round it off. But this is a nice wonderful piece of farm raised striped bass. You see it's just stripes because the stripes are on it. It's been scaled and deboned, no bones inside. Now, you can do this as a whole fish or you can use it just like this, you can take the skin off. There's several different ways to do it. So what I do, I start with a little bit of olive oil, alright, I give it a nice little rub on olive oil on both sides, alright, then I add some salt on both sides and some pepper, just like that, super easy. This is such an easy dish, okay. Then I take whole butter, room temperature whole butter and I kind of put some pieces of that whole butter right on top, really really easy, okay, pieces and then I have some garlic and what I've done with my garlic is I've taken my garlic and you can see it. I've taken the garlic and I've cooked it with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, really slow for about 20 minutes until it's nice and tender. If you can see it it's almost like a roasted garlic or a confit garlic and I kind of mash it up a little bit, just like that and I put that garlic right on top and as that fish cooks it's going to seep, that garlic and that butter is going to seep right inside, okay? Beautiful just like that. Now, we're going to add a little bit of acid. We need a little bit of acid and we're going to add a little bit of white wine, okay? Just a little bit of white wine. It's going to keep the fish nice and moist. It's going to add another flavor component to it and it's actually going to really kind of create its own little sauce right there on the plate. So we're going to take this fish. We're going to put it in the 350 degree oven for about six to eight minutes. Okay so it's been about six, eight minutes. We're going to go ahead and pull our fish out. Oh, look at that. Oh look at that guys, the garlic has gotten nice and golden brown, we've created a nice little sauce on there and what we're going to do now is we're going to go ahead and put that on our plate and you've got to be really careful because it's very fragile, woo, and hot. We're going to put that on our plate. Now if you want to put this with steamed rice or any kind of sauce, I mean any kind of starch, potatoes, we're going to take a little bit of that liquid that we cooked it with with the butter and the white wine, look at that. I'm going to go ahead and squeeze just a smidgen of lemon juice on it because I prefer lemon juice on my fish and we're going to use some fresh herbs so we have some chives and we have a little bit of micro grains which you can pick up at your local market and we're going to put a little bit of extra virgin olive oil on top. There we have our farm raised baked stripe bass with garlic and butter.


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