How to Cut Endive

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Endive needs to be cut in a very particular way for the best possible results. Find out how to cut endive the proper way with help from one of the most talented and dedicated chefs in Manhattan in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello. I'm Jason Tilmann, executive chef at Triumph Restaurant here in the Iroquois Hotel on 44th Street in New York City. Today, I'm going to show you, ladies and gentlemen, how to cut endive. And as a bonus, I'm going to show you how to cut endive and then I'm going to show you how to make a really quick and easy salad using the endives. So endive. This is endive, OK. It's found in all your local markets. I pulled a couple of the outside leaves off. I cut the end off, which is where you don't want. It's like any vegetable with a stem or a root. We cut off that root, and what I'm going to do now is I cut it in half, OK, and once you cut it in half, you see, OK, this is a hard part. This is it's edible, but it's very bitter and it's not something that you really want to eat, OK. So I'm going to cut that out. And see how I just cut it on a diagonal? Boom, it comes out really easy. Now at this point, you can go ahead and open it up and eat it just like that, but we're going to go ahead and make a salad with it. And we're going to cut it a little bit more. OK and what we're going to do is so now we've got both of them. We're probably going to use, I'm going to use two heads of endive for this salad. So I can make sure that I have enough for everybody to eat, OK and it's a nice portion. OK so again, we just cut those out just like that. Boom those are out. All right. And we're going to cut it right down the center. All right. See how I cut it right down the center? Now you can either open them up and break them apart, which I like to do, or you can cut it at this point anyway if you want julienne, you can cut it julienne, if you want strips, you can cut strips. But what I like to do is I like to keep it a little bit bigger and this way I have some body. I have something that really looks like the endive, OK. And then we're going to go ahead and put this in the bowl. All right, now endive in general is a pretty bitter green. It has a little bit of tang to it. So what we want to do with that is we want to offset that bitterness. And we're going to offset that bitterness by using some citrus and some saltiness, OK. And then some creaminess. All right so now we have our endive that has been cut. All right, and some of it I break it up. It's a pretty fragile. So you can see there. All right. Then I add some kalamata olives, a few of those, and I have some citrus. Some orange segments. And that orange is really going to help to offset that bitterness. Some fresh chives and what we're going to do is use, see this juice? We're going to use a little bit of this orange juice and we're pretty much creating a vinaigrette, almost a citrus vinaigrette with our orange or just some extra virgin olive oil. How simple and easy is that? A little bit of salt and a little bit of pepper. All right we're going to give this a nice little toss. All right so simple and so easy. OK. Then we have our plate. And we're going to kind of build it up so we can really, the beauty of having these pieces of endive long, is that we can stack it and we can really make a nice presentation for our endive. We can really see it. It's really fun to look at. It looks very eye appealing, it looks very tasty. OK. Just like that. All right, look at this, so beautiful. Then we're going to take our orange segments and we're going to put a few of those on top and around so you can see what you're eating. All right. Beautiful, look at this. Olives, such a nice, light easy salad. You can make this and put this on a platter, you can put this on a bowl, you can serve this for a party. All right. All right. And then we're going to finish it with some we need creaminess, we really need to bring that dish together. And we're going to use a little bit of manchego cheese and that's our creamy component. And that's going to really tie it all together. OK so and then we'll finish with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil drizzle and a little bit more of the chives. And there we have our how to cut endive and endive salad with kalamata olives, orange, citrus vinaigrette, and manchego or Parmesan cheese.


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