Beer Cheese Soup Epicurean Recipe

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You don't have to spend an expensive night out at a fancy restaurant to enjoy beer cheese soup epicurean. Get a great beer cheese soup epicurean recipe with help from the executive chef at Siro's of Manhattan in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is executive chef Nicholas Armstrong from Siro's restaurant at 885 Second Avenue in Manhattan, and this is beer cheese soup epicurean recipe. OK, the first thing we're going to want to do when we make this soup is we're going to make a roux. So we're going to grab for our salted butter here. All you really want to do is melt the butter. You don't want to brown it up because then it's going to give it a nutty flavor that's not really what we're looking for. A nice, low temp. Low and slow. OK once you've melted your butter a little bit, you can go ahead and kick the heat up. Come in with your all purpose flour. Equal parts. Give that a nice stir. You really want to give this some time to let the flour cook out so we don't have a real chalky taste in our soup. OK the next ingredient that we're going to add to our soup here is heavy cream. Now I like to use heavy cream because I like that richness, that's what I look for in a soup. But if that's not for your palette, then whole milk is a good substitution as well as even one and two percent. Go ahead and crank that heat up a little bit. That heat is what triggers this roux to start thickening your liquid. I like to just kind of rub it together to loosen up the oils right down to a low simmer. Getting our pan over here nice and hot. We're going to come in with our veg. We're going to go ahead and come in with some leek, which I'm going to treat just like onion. I'm just going to spread it out, add some seasoning. That salt really dries the moisture out from that leek. Give that a couple tosses. Next ingredient I'm going to come in with, my diced carrots and my diced celery. Give that a re seasoning. Give that some nice tosses. And we'll let that cook down a little bit. So why that's cooking down for us, we're going to come back to our sauce. This is a good time to add our beer here. See it's a little over thickened which is just what we're looking for because we're going to add in our liquid here and it's going to loosen it up for us. Got a nice stir throughout. Coming back to our veg now, we're going to go ahead and throw in some sliced garlic. I like to be generous with the garlic. Gives it a nice pop and flavor. Again give that a nice little seasoning. You want to make sure you get your veg diced and cooked up. Now the reason why I'm doing this veg in a sautee pan rather than letting it sit in a soup is because it makes it a quick style soup. The second we soften up this veg enough to puree it, the quicker we'll have it with grade. This is a good time to add in a little bit of flavor with some Dijon mustard. I'm going to fork this soup up a little bit for us and some Worcestershire sauce. OK not too much. Get a nice incorporation. Nice thick, creamy. Because we got our bay leaves in here I'm going to go out ahead and just strain our soup. Turn a China cap into a Bay Marie. Now that's were in our Bay Marie here, I can go ahead and add our sauteed veg, mi it right in. Still should be plenty half for when we add our cheese and we're going to go right and ahead and curate us. Come in this is two year aged cheddar. Go ahead and just incorporate that. Now is going to be a good time or we can go ahead and use our Burr mixture, which is just your standard version blender. Let's get right in there, puree that veg. A nice, smooth consistency. All right we're ready to plate our soup here so I got it in the plate already. So come right in. I've got some grilled crostinis over here. Very simple to make. Just some sliced baguette, little oil and you're good to go. I also have some bacon that I've picked off here already. Just a little bit of bacon but it should be enough to add some richness to the dish. This has been executive chef Nicholas Armstrong from Siro's restaurant at 885 Second Avenue on Manhattan. This is beer and cheese soup at the curator style. It's creamy, it's luscious, it's delicious, you'll love it.


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