Brazilian Beer-Marinated Chicken

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There are few dishes quite as delectable as rich Brazilian beer-marinated chicken. Find out how to make Brazilian beer-marinated chicken with help from the executive chef at Siro's of Manhattan in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi all, executive chef, Nicholas Armstrong from Siro's Restaurant at 885 Second Avenue in Manhattan, and this is Brazilian beer marinated chicken. Alright, the first step that we're going to want to do with this marinade is we're going to take our blended oil, this is an 80/20 of canola and olive. We're going to go ahead and cut some lemon segments and what I like to do is just give them a nice squeeze and I drop them right in there. It gives it a nice acid base, a nice zestiness from the rinds. The next thing I'm going to do is go in, add my dark beer. This is a lager so it's nice and heavy but refreshing, give that a nice stir. The next ingredient I'm going to add is just a touch of apple cider vinegar, whole black peppercorns for a little spice, the oregano which I like to leave right on the vine and a generous amount of salt. Give that a nice little whisking. Okay the next ingredient that I'm going to go ahead and add in is some green bell pepper diced. I've got some chopped garlic here, about three or four cloves. I've got some lime to really give it a citrus kick, rich Dijon mustard, some diced onion. I'm going to go ahead and take a little bit of ginger and cut a couple slices. Now normally I would shave the ginger skin but since this is just a marinade it's not a finished product, I don't mind keeping it on. Finally, a little cilantro, mix it up, add our final ingredient, paprika, give it a nice red color, a little bit of bitter in there to go with the sour. Alright and the last step of our marinade here, now that it's finished. You're going to want to let it sit with the chicken for probably about 24 hours or so before I really do anything with it. That's what's going to allow it to soak the flavor in, keep it right in the refrigerator, keep it nice and cold. When it comes time to pull the chicken out to grill it, you're going to want to pull it out, let it sit for about a half hour to come to room temperature and then you should be good to go from there. I've got a hot grill plate here ready to go. We're just going to mark this off and there's that classic look we're going for. Obviously most of you at home probably don't have hot plates like this but the grill is just as good. Now since I'm not cooking with an open flame here I'm going to go ahead and put these chickens on a sizzle platter and finish them off in the oven and then we'll soon after plate. And that's Brazilian beer made chicken. This is executive chef, Nicholas Armstrong, from Siro's Restaurant at 885 Second Avenue in Manhattan, and you're sure to love this Brazilian beer marinated chicken.


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