Beer-Boiled Shrimp

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Broiled shrimp is great - beer-broiled shrimp is even better. Find out how to prepare beer-broiled shrimp with help from the executive chef at Siro's of Manhattan in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is Executive Chef, Nicholas Armstrong from Siro's Restaurant at 85 2nd Avenue in Manhattan. And this is beer boiled shrimp. Alright the first thing we are going to do with this recipe we got our pan nice and hot. I like it hot before hand so when I put the water in it's quick to boil. We are going to come right in with our Blue Moon. This is a nice citrusy beer. I'm going to go ahead and add my garlic. It's about four cloves chopped. Some red onion chopped. Some celery chopped. A little bit of citrus here we got some orange segments. We got whole peppercorns. Some ground mustard seed, some cilantro. Gives a nice zest to it. Really what we are doing is making a quart-bouillon which is simply a liquid for poaching, a flavorful liquid to lend flavor to any protein that you might want to cook with it. I'm going to let that come up to a boil get it nice and incorporated. It's a very simple dish and man is it delicious. Alright now that we are coming up to a soft boil here we can go ahead and add our shrimp. These are U10 gulf shrimp that have been de-veined and de-shelled. Push them down get them right in there. Let them soak that flavor up. These shrimp should be cooked but tender in about two minutes or so. Now it's important to remember when you are poaching just to maintain a gentle simmer. You don't want it to boil because it's going to make the meat very, very tough. You can see right now looking at this it's pretty much where we want to be. So we can go ahead and start plating. Alright so we are ready to plate now with our shrimp. Make sure we get a couple of those veggies in there. A little added flavor, a little micro to accent the plate. And here you have it this has been beer boiled shrimp. This is executive chef Nicholas Armstrong from Siro's Restaurant at 85 2nd Avenue in Manhattan. And these tasty little shrimp are sure to make your mouth water.


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