Thai Citrus Salad

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You don't have to spend the night out at a fancy restaurant just to enjoy some delicious Thai citrus salad. Make Thai citrus salad with help from a resident chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Doreen Fang, resident chef on The Vegas Morning Blend. Today, I'm going to be making a Thai citrus salad. Today's ingredients in the dressing is fish sauce with some Korean corn syrup, Thai chiles, clove of garlic, fresh lime juice and mint and for the salad we have some mangoes, shrimp and we'll be putting it with some lettuce. Alright, so this wonderful salad, simple, easy delicious. So I was really fortunate that I got to work in a Thai restaurant one time and so I'm kind of taking these elements but simplifying it so it's a lot easier at home, okay? So first of all, Thai chiles. You can get these in the Chinese markets. They may look tiny but they pack a punch. So be really careful when you are eating these things. Now typically when you say make green papaya salad, they actually put a mortar and pestle and they just grind it all up. So this is kind of the concept that I'm doing with the pepper and with the garlic. So I'm just smashing it up and it's just releasing all of the oils, okay? Alright now that we've kind of pounded it out and it's just kind of like releasing the essence of the garlic and the Thai chiles which I really love. Now I'm going to add some fish sauce, a couple teaspoons of that in there. I'm also adding the fresh lime juice, two tablespoons. I'm just going to mix it up, okay, now I'm putting about two teaspoons of this corn syrup in and this is something that I learned from the restaurant that I was working at. So I actually also love palm sugar which is really great but it doesn't dissolve as easily so making a quick vinaigrette like this it's kind of nice to use this alright? So, I also get some fresh mint leaves and this is something else that I was taught, rip the leaves, okay, just rip them and put them right in. Alright, so I put about like four leaves in there. Now as I was saying, you've got to taste everything, okay, so let's give it a little taste. Um, it's got that nice balance between sweet and spicy and tart and this is perfect. Alright, so let's just assemble our salads. This is so easy. I've got some lettuce already on the side and let's set this aside. I have some mango. So it doesn't have to be super ripe mango and you can see that I've actually julienned this. Now if you don't know what mango looks like, this is what it is right here and I've already cut half of it off, you'd basically just cut the other half off and julienne it and you're done. I also threw some shrimp on the grill, a little salt and pepper and it was done. Alright, so I'm going to go ahead and put some of this mango right on top. Alright, just let it fall and then we have some shrimp. This is Doreen Fang, your resident chef for The Vegas Morning Blend. I hope you've enjoyed this recipe for Thai citrus salad. Enjoy.


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