How to Make Mediterranean-Style Garlic Butter

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Mediterranean-style garlic butter uses kalamata olives, lemon zest and a few other key ingredients to achieve its well defined taste. Make Mediterranean-style garlic butter with help from a resident chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Doreen Fang, resident chef of the Las Vegas Morning Blend, and today I'm going to be making Mediterranean style garlic butter. Our ingredients today are unsalted butter, lemon zest, kalamata olives, marinated sun dried tomatoes, Italian flat leaf parsley, garlic, and salt. Alright for the Mediterranean compound butter that we are going to be making all you are going to need is a little food processor. So this makes it incredibly easy for you. So let me grab mine alright. See you don't even need a big one. Alright I'm going to put in half a pound of unsalted butter. And I could have softened it a little bit to room temperature but not to the point where it's like super melted. You just want it to be soft enough that it's easy to like handle and stuff okay. I have my two cloves of garlic here. I'll put that in. I have my quarter cup of sun dried tomatoes. I'm just going to shove it down there. Okay so everything gets mixed up. And then 10 kalamata olives that's right and make sure that they are already pitted. Okay. Or else you are going to have a big mess with your blade later. Alright I have my zest of two lemons okay. And the lemon zest is really nice cause it just brings a lot of freshness to the butter which is really terrific. Alright and about one and a half tablespoons of Italian flat leaf parsley without the stems. Just the leaves okay. And that looks like it's super stuffed but I'm just going to push it down. And then we are going to go ahead and blend this up okay. Alright I'll just use that. If it gets stuck just open it up, push everything down. Just give it a little help. Oops get it all in there. Alright that looks pretty good. Everything is going to be all macerated and pureed. And if you have little bit of chunks in there like olive or tomato don't even worry about it. That's what makes it so great. Now you want to take a look. And the kalamata olives brings about a little saltiness but add some salt to it if you like. Okay, I'm going to taste mine. I like to add a little bit of salt to it. So I can do that after I put it on my fresh hot French bread. Which is going to be so delicious. Ah nice and hot okay. Fresh hot French bread. Now you can totally serve it with the compound butter in a little dish. Get your bread out. And this is a great little appetizer for people. There we go actually I can't wait to try this.Ooh it really is super hot. So cut some French bread. Put it on a little plate. Have a little knife ready. Lets move that out of the way. Oh this is so delicious. I can't wait for you to try it. This is Doreen Fang, resident chef at the Vegas Morning Blend, and I hope you enjoy this delicious recipe for Mediterranean style compound garlic butter.


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