Recipe for Jalapeno Poppers With Sausage & Cheese

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Jalapeno poppers really taste terrific when prepared with a nice batch of sausage and cheese. Get a recipe for Jalapeno poppers with sausage and cheese with help from a resident chef in this free video clip.

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Hello, I'm Doreen Fang, Chef of the Las Vegas, Morning Blend, and I am going to be making spicy jalapeno poppers with chorizo, habaneros, Monterrey Jack cheese and creamy cream cheese. Today's ingredients are freshly made chorizo which you can find at any Mexican market, spicy habanero peppers, jalapenos, cream cheese and Monterrey Jack cheese and of course a little bit of salt. Alright, so, let's get started. Chorizo, now you can get this over at any Mexican market and always get it fresh. Don't buy the ones in the tube. It's really not that good because it's full of fat. So, actually I have a pot or a mini pan that's going and it's about medium high heat and I'm going to go ahead and stick the chorizo in, okay and start cooking. Alright. Alright. So, so it's really packed tightly, so you're going to kind of have to just work it out. And I love using a silicone spatula, but use whatever you like, it really doesn't matter just as long as you break it all up and get to cook evenly. Okay. Alright. So, as the chorizo is cooking 'cause it just takes a few minutes, I'm actually going to do the habanero peppers. Now, habaneros are extremely spicy, so you need to be very careful. So, I always recommend using gloves. Anytime you handle chili peppers of any kind, you just don't want to get any of those oils into your eyes. Okay. Alright. So, this is a habanero peppers. These little orange peppers that you can find in the market, lots of them you can find at Mexican markets or specialty places, but be very very careful. I've already cut one open and I've actually de-seeded it already. So, you're going to remove any seeds or little ribs inside. Now, we're only going to use a quarter of a habanero because it's so spicy. Okay. So, I'm just doing a little dice on this, like mini mini mince dice. Alright. Once they're all chopped up, I'm just going to get a little bit of this and I'm going to throw it in with the chorizo, okay.Why? Because I want all of that heat to come out and all the oils it's going to cook with the chorizo. Alright. Now, I know jalapenos already hot, but I want to make this super spicy which is going to make it so delicious. Alright. Now, the chorizo is still cooking, so, just give it a little time. I'm just making sure I flip it over and break it up until like little chunks. Okay. And there's going to be a lot of fat that comes off of the chorizo, but make sure you drain it off. Okay. So, we'll drain that in just a second. Let's just put this in here. Now, while that's going, you can prepare your jalapenos prior to, if you want to or you can just do it while you are cooking your chorizo. Now, I got this really large ones; you see they're kind of fat and the reason why I did is because that way you can stuff them and it's so much better. Okay. Alright. Now, you see inside all the seeds, I'm just going to take all that out and the ribs 'cause you want to make room for the stuffing. Okay. And you also notice that I didn't actually take out the stem. And the reason why I didn't take off the stem is because if I cut it off, all of your stuffing will fall right out when you're baking it. Okay. Alright. So, let's get it all cleaned up and if you leave a few seeds, it's okay. Again, just a little more kick inside your jalapeno popper. Alright. Okay. So, we'll set that aside and oh, here we go, get my little sheet pan; you can go ahead and set this on. You're going to, kind of about eight of these, okay, but, now that I've finished that, I'm going to take off my gloves 'cause I don't want anything else to be contaminated with the chili oil. Alright. Alright, the chorizo is almost done. So, while that's just finishing up, I'm going to go ahead and get my cream cheese ready in my bowl. Now, I've already pre-soften this. I've left it out so it comes to room temperature, so it's much softer, it's much easier to work with. Okay. Alright. We have to drain off the fat, so, be really, like instead of like pouring it all off, you can just go ahead and get a slotted spoon which would be much easier and much faster. Alright. Oh, you can smell that, it smells delicious. Oh my gosh. Alright. So, you just drain some of that fat which is really great. Oh, chorizo in the morning with eggs, it's so good too. Alright. But, we're not talking about eggs right now, we're talking about poppers. So, let's get this in. Okay. That looks delicious. Now, this fat hot chorizo is going to also melt down some of this cream cheese in here, okay. I'm going to put my pepper jack cheese, it's about a cup's worth that I just grated, okay. I know, more spice. You can tell like someone likes spicy. Now, we're just going to get this all mixed up, we're going to incorporate the cheese, the cream cheese and the chorizo altogether 'cause you want like the filling to be nicely balanced. Everyone's going to get a little bit of everything. Alright. Doesn't that look delicious? And all the cheese are just going to melt and look how creamy that is. Alright. Now that I've mixed it all up, it's really important to always taste everything. So, I like to make sure that there's enough salt in here, okay. I'm just going to get a little piece. Oh, that's a big piece. Mmmm, oh that chorizo is so good. Alright. It's perfect. It doesn't need any salt, but if it did, go ahead and add a little bit. Alright. Let's stuff the pepper. Now remember, nice and deep, okay. These peppers are great 'cause that way you can really fill it up. So, we've got a spoon in here; see I'm still eating that piece of chorizo. It's so good. Alright. You're just going to fill up each little boat and give a nice generous amount and it's okay if it kind of overflows, it's going to get like all like creamy and delicious. Okay. You're going to fill up all of your little boats and then you're going to have your oven already preheated at 425. So, let's go ahead and grab it. Alright. I just pulled them out. These have been in the oven for about 20-25 minutes. Okay. So, you can see how the stuffing is just kind of oozed out a little bit. And if it did fall out a bit, you can just fix it and just put it right back up, okay. Alright. Let's get a platter and lets put these little babies right on there. Oh, and if you want to you can do a little spray on the bottom so that way it doesn't stick. Okay. Oh, these are nice. I think everybody at your party will love these. Alright. Excellent. We'll put five 'cause you never want to put an odd number of anything on there. Alright. Let's get this out of the way and you can serve it with a little bit of buttermilk dressing which would be really nice with that. And here are your chorizo and cheese jalapeno poppers. This is Doreen Fang, Resident Chef of the Vegas, Morning Blend, say I hope you enjoy these delicious chorizo jalapeno poppers. Until next time.


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