How to Make a Banner Out of Fondant

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Making a banner out of fondant can lead to a really nice addition for your cake. Find out how to make a banner out of fondant with help from a renowned cake artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Christy Vega-Gluch from Phoenix Cake Company and today, I'm going to show you how to make a fondant banner. It's really simple, it's a really nice addition to your cakes, rather than just writing directly onto the cake. This actually adds some dimension to it. So, this is just regular white fondant, I didn't put any Tylose in it, you can use marshmallow fondant as well. If you do this, do it at least two to three days ahead of time. That way, it's nice and hard for you. One this rolled out, make sure you have plenty of powdered sugar underneath. I'm going to cut with a pizza cutter here, a curve on either side. And I'm going to go through and meet one corner to the other corner and I'm kind of cutting this with a curve, a opposed to it being straight. I think, it gives it a nice look to the banner. So, once that's cut out, you want to put it, I just rolled up some paper towel. And you can put this on a cardboard or a cookie sheet, if you have it. Once this is rolled out, you want to roll this out a little bit on the thicker side, you don't want to get this too thin. I'm using the paper towel here as a little prop, just make sure it doesn't, kind of want to peek it up there. And you could drape this however you want to, like to kind of drape it on there and let it set. You want to move the tails around a little bit, you want to add some movement to it, instead of it just completely laying there flat. So, this one here, I did this one that had a time, so as you can see, it's completely dry. I like to add a little color to my banners. An easy way to do that and a quick way to do that, is with an air gun, it's a little bit loud, sorry. This is just some green air brush, and I'm just hitting the edge of this, I start of, kind of light. So, I'm doing this on the lighter side and then, I'm gradually going to get darker around the edges. I do this around the whole perimeter of the banner, trying to keep the center part white. You want to keep spraying this and a little bit darker around the edges, right in the crease areas, like, right in here. Anywhere there's folds, you kind of want to add some depth to it, just get a little bit darker in there. One more to this side, right on the edges, get it really dark. O.k., so, once you have the color on, always make sure and clean out your airbrush, this is a pet peeve of mine. Because the other thing too, is if you don't clean this air-gun out and you let that color sit. This makes it extremely hard to clean. If you want to get some hot water, clean this out. So, once the color is on, you can also do this with petal dust, and you could dry brush the color on. And this is a food coloring pin and then, I, like I said, if you don't have good piping skills and pipe in happy birthday or whatever your inscription is. This is another option, where you can write it on with a food coloring pin. Just, you have to make sure this fondant is nice and hard though, for you to do this. So, we're just going to write the diddle classic happy birthday. So, there it is, a nice, little fondant banner. I'm Christy Vega-Gluch from Phoenix Cake Company. Please visit our website for more inspirational cake ideas, tips and tricks. Thanks for watching.


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