Gluten-Free Ham, Cheese & Broccoli Pasta

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Gluten-free ham, cheese and broccoli pasta isn't nearly as difficult to make as it might sound. Prepare gluten-free ham, cheese and broccoli pasta with help from a trusted chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is I'm chef Eric Brenner from BOLD Organics. We make allergen-free foods. We make specifically a line of gluten-free, dairy-free pizzas. And today I'm going to be making for you a gluten-free and dairy-free pasta. For this dish, I have a store-bought, gluten-free pasta, the ones with brown rice flour are the best. I'm also going to be using a rice milk so that we don't have any soy in this one. So I've just got a hot skillet here. And to start this off, I'm going to use a little bit of good olive oil. And anytime you're cooking anything really you have to have a little fat. That's where flavor actually flows through fat. I'm going to add to this a little bit of shallot. That's about two tablespoons or so. We've got about a tablespoon of fresh garlic. I've just minced those up. Just going to kind of stir that around in the skillet a little bit. The other thing I've done while this was cooking, we have some fresh broccoli here. I went ahead and blanched this and just shocked it just to kind of get a nice, vibrant, bright green color that also saves in your cook time later on. So we just want to sweat these down until they're a little translucent. And then to this I'm going to add, or a rice milk. And now if you can imagine these flavors now are going to be very much very similar to a Alfredo or something along those lines. A critical part of an Alfredo is black pepper. So I'm going to do a lot of black pepper, fresh ground in here. And I'm going to add a little bit of salt to this as well. I want to kick the flame up even though we don't really have a flame. But I'm going to kick that up, I'm going to add a little salt. You'll see this is coming to a boil. Going to add about two teaspoons of salt. And then here to thicken the sauce I'm going to add a little slurry. I mentioned this before, a slurry is just corn starch and water. And then you just kind of mix it together. You want to use cold water so that it doesn't form little clumps. Get it well incorporated. What this is going to do is it's going to actually thicken the sauce. Cold liquid into that hot liquid, stir it around really well. The soy milk almost has a sweet flavor. It has like a, don't get the vanilla variety, just get the normal. This is a little bit of Dijon mustard. I really think that this bolsters the flavor of the cheese that we're going to be adding in here. And this, basically this is a prosciutto, cheese and broccoli pasta. So this is the consistency you're looking for, a little bit thick. So, I'm going to add in our cheese. This is again a vegan form of cheese that's made from soy. It's the cheddar version. This will melt quickly and create a nice cheese sauce. At this point, you could actually use this as a mac and cheese. You could just throw some pasta in here and you've got a wonderful cheese sauce. But we're going to kick it up a little bit more. We're going to add some fresh prosciutto that's been diced up. So this is the non-vegan variety. And then we're going to add some of the fresh broccoli. We're going to add our pasta. And this pasta was just cooked for about two to three minutes. I just blanched it, rinsed it and then I put it with a little bit of olive oil just to kind of keep it from sticking together. And then here you've got the dish. I'm just going to give it a quick toss. Just get everything covered. And as you can see this is a delicious gluten-free, dairy-free pasta. And to think that this is actually a cheese sauce that just doesn't have any wheat is fantastic. You can have of course omit the prosciutto if you wanted to make this completely vegan. But I think you'll see here that this is a beautiful pasta. Again very nutritious very healthy and it's safe for all people who have food allergies. So this is our gluten-free, dairy-free cheese ham and broccoli pasta. Check out to see other recipes and other detailed ingredients in this dish. And I hope you enjoyed it.


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