Mashed Potato Casserole With French Onion Dip

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There are few treats as delicious as mashed potato casserole with wonderful French onion dip. Make mashed potato casserole with French onion dip with help from the president of Whipped & Beaten Culinary Works in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everyone. I'm Jason Bailin from Whipped & Beaten Culinary Works. I've written two cookbooks, but I can't tell you their names because they're a bit un-PC and some of you may freak out but if you have a good sense of humor Google Whipped & Beaten Culinary Works, but don't go if you get offended easily because then they may not be for you. And today we're going to make baked mashed potato with a zesty French onion dip. So simple, so easy everyone's going to love this. What we've got is about two to four boiled potatoes, depending on the size they are you can do two, if they are large, if they're small you can do four. You've got about a half a cup of bread crumbs, one tablespoon of butter and this is some zesty French onion dip and what I did was took about four ounces of sour cream, then a half a packet of French onion dip or French onion soup and then put some horseradish mustard in there, just about three tablespoons, mix it all together, let it sit for the night, very easy, very simple. So what we do now is we basically just put all the ingredients right in a bowl, all of that yummy goodness here because this is really the only flavoring you have is the horseradish mustard and onion dip. And then just the butter. Then you're going to just get some arm into it and mash really really hard, get it all together until it becomes one smooth sort of mass and just make sure everything is incorporated together and the butter just sweetens it just that little bit. It's real good. Okay so we get everything all consistent. So again it's a little thick. The next step is to put it into a greased little tin, so basically spread it around the whole bottom of the pan, a little bit more breadcrumbs and then we're just going to bake it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes, 30 minutes until it becomes golden brown. And then just sprinkle it with a couple pieces of parsley and there you have it, baked mashed potatoes with a zesty French onion dip. My name is Jason Bailin and I'm from Whipped & Beaten Culinary Works.


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