Recipe for Maryland Crab Soup

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Maryland crab soup needs to be made in a very particular way for maximum authenticity. Get a great recipe for Maryland crab soup help from a hospitality professor and chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chef Jeff Trombeta, hospitality management, University of New Haven in Connecticut and today I am going to show you how to make a Maryland crab soup in the traditional style. Like any good soup we have a choice of oil or butter. So when I think of Maryland crab soup I just think of butter. Let's get our onions in there and our carrots, our celery and carrots too, onions, carrots and celery. Do our old traditional sweating method. So we give a good heat on that and a good stir. We don't want to burn it but we, if we have to get a little color we will, cover it, saute, generate steam, let it cook from the top and the bottom. Now we're going to be adding Old Bay which is a little peppery but I want to have some fresh pepper. These are Lima beans and this is fresh kernel corn. It's a hearty soup, looks good, a lot of color, let's get that garlic in there. Alright, so we're building the soup, that's what you do. You build the soup, keep on layering the flavors. Let's get the Old Bay in there, that's going to dirty it up. It's a spice blend. It's already got salt in there, so a little bit of Old Bay, maybe more, get my fresh oregano. Now let's get our broth in there and bring it up to a boil, give that a quick cover, just skim off any kind of residual fat that rises to the top, use the bottom of the ladle to push it to the side, okay, a little Worcestershire. I'm going to put some tomato in the soup. Now what I'm doing here is I'm going to do a little bit different take. I'm going to cut a circle off this crouton and I'm going to put my, mound my tomato and my crab meat on the crouton on the center of the soup, nice shallow bowl, corn, tomato, carrots, onions, celery, a little bit of broth. You're going to need the broth when I put the crouton there. This is nice vine ripe garden tomatoes. I'm going to be generous with my crab meat, just pile it on there. People are going to say this is remarkable. I never had crab soup like this. It's traditional Maryland crab, however, it is, look at the crab piled high. It looks higher because of the tomatoes and the crouton. Don't be afraid to freshen it up, a little green onion and that is Maryland crab soup. I'm Chef Jeff Trombeta, hospitality management, University of New Haven in Connecticut and traditional crab soup done the modern way. Enjoy.


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