Easy Beef & Barley Soup Recipe

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Not all beef and barley soup recipes are going to require a full day slaving over a hot stove. Find out about an easy beef and barley soup recipe with help from a hospitality professor and chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chef Jeff Trombeta, Hospitality Management, University of New Haven in Connecticut, and today I'm going to show you how to make an easy beef and barley soup. What we're going to do is take some garlic cloves and smash them, give that a chop. It's going to be simmering quite a while so you don't have to cut it too small. Just give it a one two chop and there you have it. So we have our pot, getting warm, we hit it with a little bit of olive oil and we add our onions and hit it with our carrots. Beef and barley soup to me should be heavy with the carrots and celery. We're going to do a combination of butter and oil. It needs a little more fat, a little butter for flavor. You've got to let that sweat but don't be afraid, keep it stirred, brown it up even and this is just nicely diced flank steak, very lean, make sure that's separate so the meat dice does not stick together. I think it's time for my garlic, a little bit of sage, let that kind of marry together and let that sweat for a little bit. This thing is steaming away, I have it up high, generating moisture and if I should add my theory on the raw beef is you could roast the meat and then dice it up but here with the raw meat I'm making a fortified stock or broth. What I have here is my beef stock. Because I'm cooking my raw beef in it, it's going to flavor it. So it's a double stock. It's a broth now, a stock made from bones, broth made from meat. Let's get our barley in there. Barley is a grain, very hearty. You don't have to pre-soak barley. It will take a good half hour, maybe 40 minutes depending on how dry it is to cook. So we'll bring that up to a boil and then we'll keep it on simmer. We're ready to finish our beef and barley soup. I've tasted the barley. It's tender. It's been simmering about 35 minutes and remember, let's skim off the fat. I just used the bottom of the ladle, push the fat to the side, kind of go around and pick it up. Here's our tomatoes, a little bit of that tomato juice, woah, don't go crazy, that's good. That's a nice hearty beef and barley soup, a little salt, finely ground pepper. The beauty of a shallow bowl is I can see my soup. I can see the barley. I can see the onions, the beef, the tomato, the carrots. I can see how hearty I'm portioning it. That's pretty hearty. Let's get the broth, parsley. So I'm going to make a nice garnish, put a little butter on this whole wheat muffin. I like parsley. I'm going to embed that right into the nooks and crannies and we're going to cut it. We are going to make sticks, something long, something a little different only because it will get lost. That's beef and barley soup. I'm Chef Jeff Trombeta, Hospitality Management, University of New Haven in Connecticut and enjoy your easy beef and barley soup.


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