How to Delete Pop-Ups From Facebook

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Even Facebook is plagued with an annoying amount of pop-up advertisements from time to time. Delete pop-ups from Facebook with help from a technology and communications expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Heddi. I am the Big Cheese founder of travel gift card coming to you from San Francisco. Today, we're talking about how to get rid of pop-up notifications and general pop-ups on Facebook. It's a bit of a tricky one because there's no such thing as an advertising pop-up but notification pop-ups drives me insane, drives me insane and probably drives you insane. I know how to fix this. Come with me and we'll get it sorted out. So how you are deleting these pop-ups. I actually was very sneaky. I went on my phone and emailed over to the alias Heddi Cundle from my real Facebook account to the dummy Facebook account. So then you will see on the bottom left hand side in a few seconds the pop-up that I'm talking about, the one that drives you nuts, there you go, that little pesky irritating thing, you delete it. So if you are on an email and you get these popping up again and again you can't get anything done. You're going to get rid of it now. You're going to go on the right to account settings, left hand side, click notifications then click edit for Facebook and you will see now these are all the pop-ups that won't post on your timeline, that was a pesky one from me to me, tags you in a post. You can untick these, you can untick any that you want. So take into account you weren't going to have a little pop-up coming up on the left hand side. There's no such thing as advertising pop-ups but there definitely is when it comes to notification pop-ups. That's how you get rid of these so they will never pop up on your feed. So when it comes to deleting pop-ups on Facebook, you've got to remember they drive me nuts. I'm always on Facebook, I'm on Facebook because I'm researching, I'm on there for work, I'm not just going on there just scouting around, I actually really really do use Facebook for work for my business because obviously we're social integrators so I need to be alert on what's going on. But these pop-ups on the left hand side drive me nuts. Remember, you can keep crossing those out. Every time there's always that little button on the side. You can get rid of these but if you want to permanently get rid of them you need to go to a notification area that I told you and then click on that Facebook part and untag it. The only thing is when you untag it you have to remember you then will not get email notifications about the same person that writes on your wall. The only way you're going to see that is when you go into Facebook and just to the left of the search area you will see how many notifications you've got. They will show there but they won't with the little pesky pop-ups but you also will not get them through email. So choose your battles on the ones that are irritating you the most. Remember there's no such thing with Facebook as advertising pop-ups. They are doing a lot of other ways to be able to integrate but not doing pop-ups so take that one into account. My name is Heddi. I am the Big Cheese founder of travel gift card, signing off from a beautiful glorious sunny San Francisco day. Have a brilliant one.


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