How to Paint Christmas Designs on Windows

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You always need to make sure you use the proper tools when painting Christmas designs on windows. Paint Christmas designs on windows with help from a family entertainment specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Terina Gillette. I'm a Professional Event Coordinator and we're here at the Christmas Place Inn located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. And today, we're going to learn about window painting; how to paint a Christmas scene on window. The types of tools that we need for our project today are simple craft acrylic paints, brushes in various different sizes. We need tape, a picture that we're going to paint onto our window scene. We need to have a marker that is not a permanent marker, a washable marker. And then we need of course a window that we're going to paint. So, how we get started today is we're simply going to slide our picture onto our window. The reason that you need the tape is at home your window is probably not going to be laying flat, like this one is. So, you'll tape your picture onto your window and then, you're going to take your marker and just trace over your scene that you're going to be painting. So, you'll get something that would look similar to this onto your window after you remove your picture. And I'm going to show three different techniques today on how to do the glass painting and just really quickly, I'm just going to draw part of this flower and remove this out. And all you're going to do is take the appropriate brush and the colors that you selected for your picture and you're going to paint over that. And you can paint directly onto the top of the glass and this is also for outside of your window. And it's okay if you cover up some parts of the outline that you just made because you're going to go back over that once this dries. And you're going to outline that with your accent colors; your black and your white. And while this this drying, we're going to go ahead and I'm going to show you some different techniques that you can use on glass for your painting. One thing that you can do is just directly paint on top of the glass and you can blend the colors onto your glass by using a wet on wet technique. And so, we're just going to paint just a little bit of greenery on here and you don't, you can just freehand this and do any kind of design that you like. While the paint is still wet, you want to add your accent color. In this case, I'm going to use black and what that in essence does is is kind of blend it together. You want to wait for this to completely dry if you're going to do a tracing method that gives more of an effect-like a cartoon picture or something like that. But, if you want something realistic types of artwork onto your windows, then you want to do this blending method. Another method you can do is to paint reverse glass. That is different than painting on the top of your glass. If you paint on the front top of your glass, you're going to want to layer your effect. So, you're going to have a base color and then your outline color and your accent colors. So, you would have your color, a black outline and then your white accents. If you are going to do a reverse glass method, then you want to start in the opposite direction. So, you're going to want to have your black for your accents. If you're going to draw like a candy cane for instance, you would do your outline with your candy cane and then add your accent of your white in that. And then, let that dry and then paint your color on the back. We've now finished our completed window painting project.


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