How to Turn on the Sound Driver in Safe Mode

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"Safe Mode" is a very powerful tool built into Windows that can be used to troubleshoot many different types of problems. Turn on the sound driver in "Safe Mode" with help from a software engineer with broad and extensive experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Mathew Pierce. I'm a software engineer, and today I'm going to talk about how to turn a sound driver on in safe mode. Now you can't practically turn your sound driver on in safe mode. You may be able to do it by hacking the system but safe mode is a specially made mode or a special mode for Microsoft Windows to be used when you have system problems and things don't start up or it wont boot any other way. What it does is it starts up with the minimal software and drivers needed to boot up your system but it doesn't have things like your advanced display drivers, your sound drivers for instance, you know, special hardware you have. If you look here in this screen here. This is your boot up option. It comes up in safe mode. And you can see you've got several options. You have Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, command prompt, and things like that. But you don't have anything having to do with sound or something like that. Because it's made just to bring up and run diagnostics on your system so you can figure out how to make it come up in normal mode. And if you look in, this is a virtual box, the version I have running, with safe mode right now. You know you're in safe mode when it says Safe Mode up in the corners like this. And right here this is one of the first things in Windows Help that comes up when you're in safe mode, and explains to you, is a troubleshooting mode for windows. It's basically made to try and fix things so you can come up in normal mode. And if you look at the device manager here's your sound driver category right here. The status is not available because we're running in safe mode, so you really can't run a sound card when you're in safe mode. Now however there could be an instance where your sound card will not start up in normal mode. In that case you may be able to get it to work by booting in the safe mode and then coming into the device manager, picking the driver and see right here, it says disable. That might have a button that says enable. So you may be able to enable it when you're running in safe mode. Then reboot it in the normal mode and it may work. However if you're running in safe mode, just normally, that's how you typically run it because it's the only way that your computer will work, well then you've got a problem and you need to fix it. You probably need to use your repair disks and go back in and do a Windows repair. You may have to do a system restore and roll back to a previous restore point. But you really shouldn't be running in safe mode and you'll have a lot of trouble trying to get anything to work with safe mode other than just the basics of the screen and the keyboard, the mouse, and maybe some networking because that's what it's designed for. It's just designed for you to do diagnostics and get things fixed. My name's Mathew Pierce, today we talked about how to turn on your sound drive card in safe mode. Thanks for watching.


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