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Making a magic lamp craft is a process that goes surprisingly quick and can be completed right a home. Learn about a magic lamp craft with help from a graphic designer and illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody my name is Gene, not Genie, and I don't come out of a magic lamp, but today I'm going to be showing you how do a just a very quick down and dirty magic lamp craft and you probably don't want to rub this magic lamp because maybe a Genie actually might come out of it, but I'm going to show you how to make just a moving lid and just the real bare bones basics because I want you guys to experiment, I want you to be creative and figure some things out on your own. Let's get started. Alright, so your basic magic lamp, let's see, okay we're going to go flip it on this side. Your basic magic lamp is essentially an oval, so we're going to start off with an oval and from there you've got a square on the bottom. Okay? So we're just going to draw, well let's say a rectangle because it's not actually going to be a square, so give yourself a little bit of room and we got a rectangle and then we have a wider rectangle right at the base of our oval. So we'll draw a wider rectangle and then on that wider rectangle, let's give ourselves a little more room, don't worry about how sloppy this side is because we're actually going to be flipping this over and putting the glue on this side and we're going to cut the ends off of the wider rectangle and the bottom. Then we're just going to draw the letter C basically for the handle shape, just like a big ear, it's like the, the lamp has a big ear and we're going to give it a little bit of a, just a little bit of a tail there and then we've got basically a triangle. So let's come out from here and draw a triangle, I'm going to cut the end of the triangle off and then I'm going to start give this, give the bottom a little half circle, close to the base. Okay? And then give the top the half circle that is closer to the front, bam. So, now you have your basic lamp shape, your magic lantern, something like that, like an elephant trunk. Then at the top of the. of the elephant trunk and the top of the ear I'm going to draw a straight line and we're going to give this a little bit bigger oval, bam and then a circle. Okay, that's your basic lamp and then what you do is just grab your probably not magical scissors and again don't be too concerned with getting everything exactly perfect, but that's the, the easiest way to do a lamp shape, what I just showed you there and then we're going to cut along those lines and there we go. So there's our magic lamp and then here's a little trick, fold the, the little ear part in half, but don't crease it and then just make one cut right along the center there and that will give you a little area where you can take the scissors and you can go in and then cut out the handle part and that's going to make it a lot easier then, then trying to, you know jab the scissors in to the handle, punching it through or any other like weird technique you've got. Okay and just let me cut out the handle here and be very careful because if you've got a thin handle like I have, if you push too much with the scissors or if you go too fast, it'll be really easy to just cut that handle right off and break it and you don't want to do that because how else are you going to pick up the lamp with one hand and rub it with the other, so that Genie comes out? And by Genie I don't mean me, my name is just Gene not Genie, although you never know I might be able to grant you some wishes. Okay, so now we're just going to put some, some detail in to this and we're going to draw one line straight across, I'm going to kind of measure the line and figure it out before I draw it and now kids I have drawn probably 4 or 5, 6 thousand straight lines in my day, so don't worry if you get it exactly straight the first time. Same thing over here, same thing here and then we're just going to outline the handle a little bit. Now what you can do, here's our basic magic lamp, but what you can do if you want is cut across the top line. Okay? For your the top of your lantern and then if you have some fasteners, some brass fasteners you can actually fasten the top of this to the lamp itself and you'll have a magic lamp that opens and closes. So that's all there is to it. Now like I said you can get real creative with this, you can do a couple different layers of paper on top of each other, you can do a little Genie coming out of the edge of the lamp, just anything you can think of feel free to experiment. Thanks for watching guys, and we'll see you next time.


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