How to Make a Puff Bow

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Making a puff bow always requires you to keep a few key things in mind. Make a puff bow with help from a longtime and experienced event planner in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Betsy Pruitt with, and I design fun, print-at-home party supplies called printables. And today, I'm going to show you how to make a fun puff bow. I absolutely love gift wrapping, and to me the puff bow is really the icing on the cake. It makes such a great impact and everybody loves to get a gift that's wrapped like this. So it's very simple, the technique I'm going to show you. So the first thing we're going to need is wired edge ribbon. This is really versatile and it's going to make it very easy for us to fluff out our puff bow very nicely. So we're just going to take a strip of this and I like to leave it on the roll as I work and just going to wrap it around my present. And then these are going to be the tails of your ribbons. So just make those as long as you'd like them. And we're just going to tie this into a knot. Very simple, just like that. And then we're going to make some loops. I like to make like an odd number of loops. So I'm going to do three for this bow. And this is how large I'm going to make my loop on one side. And I just want to make the same size on the other side. There we have it, that looks about equal and I'm just going to make three going back and forth and I'm going to try to stay on one side. There we go. And I'll just give that a trim. And actually I think this bow I'm just going to do, I think we can fit three. And I'm just going to squish that together. Just like that, and then I'll place it on top of my knot and I'll give it the tie and since I have a side of my ribbon that doesn't have a pattern, as I tie this I'm going to try to just pull the ribbon so that the pattern side is facing up. There we go. And then a nice tight bow. And because it's wired edge ribbon, like I said, it's easy to twist it around so that if you don't quite get it the way you want, you can just pull on it and it'll go into place. And now this is the fun part. We just kind of fluff it out. OK. And now I'm going to trim the edges of my ribbon, and I like a fish tail cut, which you can see here. It's very easy and fun. We just fold our ribbon in half, and working the edges I'm going to line my scissors up and cut on a diagonal, up into the fold. There we go. And that gives us a nice symmetrical cut. So do that on all four tails that I have left. Give it a cut. And the final one. Again, just give it a fold and cut on a diagonal up into the fold. But we have it and we'll just fluff those out a little bit. And you can kind of curve those under if you want. You can kind of treat those as extra loops to kind of make the bow fuller. There you have it. A nice, easy puff bow.


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