Shrimp Stuffing Recipe

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Shrimp stuffing can be prepared by following just a few basic, easy to manage steps. Get a shrimp stuffing recipe with help from a passionate culinary expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

What's up, everybody? It's Chef Big Shake, and today I'm going to show you how to prepare shrimp stuffing, one of my favorites. So, to start our shrimp stuffing, we have some basic ingredients. Salt, pepper, some chopped onions, some chopped red bell pepper, don't forget the star, Gulf shrimp . A dash of nutmeg, chicken stock and some last night's naked cornbread, and don't forget the butter. Now, to put together this shrimp stuffing, it could be used as a side dish, or you can use it as a main dish. You can stuff lobster with it, you can stuff crab with it, listen, it's endless, it tastes fantastic. Let's start with our last night baked cornbread, bring to a large or medium size cooking bowl. A little salt, about a tablespoon, a little pepper, about a teaspoon, we have our chopped onions, our chopped red bell pepper. The nutmeg is very strong, so we're just going to put a little dash of nutmeg in there, oops. A tiny bit of our chicken stock, about a quarter of a cup to soften up that cornbread. Let's start folding this in. Now, I guess, you're asking me, where's shrimp added? Hold on, it's coming soon, let's get this stuffing prepared first. So, you want to fold that cornbread in, get those ingredients well mixed. You don't want it too wet, but again, you don't want it too dry. So, you have a quarter cup of liquid in there. So, now, this is well mixed, so let's head to our stove to get our shrimp incorporated with the stuffing. So, we got our pan, getting nice and hot, right on medium to medium high. We're going to put a little pat of butter in here, drizzle a little olive oil, get that pan nice and hot. Now, let's add the star of the party, our shrimp. Now, shrimp are going to cook pretty quickly. Wow, this smells fantastic, these shrimp are bathing in butter, that's not a good thing, but it's going to taste fantastic. Now, it looks like our shrimp is done,and ready to go into the stuffing mix. Wow, this is going to taste fantastic. Now that we incorporated our shrimp into our mix, it is just about done, fold it a couple more times, get ti well blended, and it is time to serve. This is Chef Big Shake, showing you how to make a fantastic shrimp stuffing, I hope this recipe finds it's way to your dinner table.


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