How to Cook Broiled Lobster

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Broiled lobster needs to be cooked in a very particular way for the best (and most delicious) results possible. Find out how to properly cook broiled lobster with help from a passionate culinary expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

What's up, what's up? It's Chef Big Shake, and today I'm going to show you how to clean and broil a lobster. And to broil this lobster, the ingredients are simple. Lobster is naturally sweet so we don't want to add too much to it. We have some clarified butter, some Old Bay to give the meat a pop, some basil, salt and pepper and that's it. Some people get a little squeamish about killing these lobsters right before they eat them. Some people boil them. I like to put them in a Ziploc bag, leave them overnight inside the refrigerator, take them out and the job is done. So, we're going to take a knife, lay the lobster on its back, start from the top, go down, break that front cavity and fillet them right open, just like butterfly shrimp. You want to open them up. Inside you're going to see what you call a craw. It's kind of nasty y'all so hold tight, bear with me. You're going to remove the craw from the inside and in this cavity that I'm cleaning out, you can stuff it with crab meat, you could use a shrimp cornbread stuffing, you can use a lot of things. We want to get this nice and clean. This is the stuff you definitely don't want to digest. This is not part of the sweet meat. Now that we're all cleaned out, let's add a little salt, a little pepper, some Old Bay on that meat. We have some fresh ground basil. Let's take the clarified butter, brush it right in that meat so that way when it broils, that butter flavor will soak right into the meat. Let's put it on a baking sheet. Let's cross his arm. He looks prettier that way. Now we have our oven on broil. I set it to a low setting. Now my broiler is on the top of the oven. You don't want to have this lobster too close or it will burn too quickly and the meat will toughen up fast. Now this is about a pound or pound and a half lobster, so in about five to seven minutes this bad boy will be done. Our lobster looks done. Let's pull him out. Wow that clarified butter smells fantastic with this lobster meat. Let's take our lobster from the baking sheet, put him right on the plate, brush a little extra butter on that tail meat and there you have it, broiled lobster. This is Chef Big Shake. I hope you enjoyed this recipe and I hope this broiled lobster makes its way to your dinner table tonight.


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