How to Make Tan Fondant

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Making tan fondant requires you to follow just a few basic steps right in your very own kitchen. Find out how to make tan fondant with help from a renowned cake artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Christy Vega-Gluch from Phoenix Cake Company, and I am going to show you how to make tan fondant. It's, you can make it a couple different ways. You can have some already made fondant. You can either use store bought fondant or fondant that you've made yourself. You're going to, depending on how tan you want it, you want it, if you want it on the lighter side, obviously you're going to not add as much of the chocolate fondant. If you want it a little bit darker, you add more. And this is already made chocolate fondant and once again you can use store bought or one that you've made yourself. So to do tan I'm just, all you're doing is kneading your chocolate into your white. You can also do a neat marbleized effect too if you wanted to if you just pretty much would stop at this point. Okay so we're going to keep kneading this. Now as you work with fondant, the warmth of your hand softens the fondant. It breaks down the sugars so it gets sticky. So this is just vegetable shortening. I'm putting a little bit in my hand and if you just keep kneading away until you get your desired tan color. This is on the lighter side. You probably can't tell much until I compare it next to the white but that's a light tan color. Okay another way to make tan fondant is you can stat with already made fondant, white fondant and you're going to add a little bit of brown food color. I like to use food colors that are more of a gel paste rather than a liquid so it doesn't break down your fondant. And once again you're going to add this as needed depending on how tan you want your fondant. This is getting sticky so we're going to add a little vegetable shortening to that and if it starts to get too dark like this is, just add a little bit more white and wallah, you have tan fondant. I'm Christy Vega-Gluch from Phoenix Cake Company. Please visit our website, for more tips and tricks and inspirational cake ideas. Thanks for watching.


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