How to Make Metallic Silver Fondant

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Metallic silver fondant makes a great topping for a wide variety of different delicious treats. Make metallic silver fondant with help from a renowned cake artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Christie Vega-Gluch from Phoenix Cake Company, and I'm going to show you how to make silver metallic fondant. I've actually already did some royal icing pipe work on this show. This is a fondant show, by the way. And there's a couple different ways that you can make metallic silver fondant. There's common misconceptions of how to get silver fondant. You can't color it with black because it will be grey. So to get an actual metallic silver, there's a couple different products that you can use. The one product that's like a new silver product it's the powder form, it's like a luster dust. And I usually just actually paint inside the cap itself but you want to grab a little bit out of the container. You also want to use some paint brushes that have plastic handles. Don't use paint brushes that have paint on the handle part because obviously it's going to flake off and probably get into your cake products which you don't want. OK so once your new silver luster dust is in here, in your cap, we're going to add, this is a little bit of lemon extract. And you're adding just small amounts to this to actually create almost like a paint. This new silver luster dust, you can either dry brush it on dry which gives it a certain look. So once you have a thinned out painting consistency you can actually go over your scroll work and paint. This scroll work is done in royal icing. So it's already dried. The lemon extract too you can also the lemon extract has a lot of alcohol in it. The main ingredient is alcohol. As you're painting with this, the alcohol is going to evaporate so you have to keep adding more lemon extract. You can also use 80 proof vodka or ever clear. I use inexpensive lemon extract. You can use various liquids to add to your luster dust to paint with. It has to have a high alcohol content. I use inexpensive lemon extract. The main ingredient has to be alcohol in it first and foremost. You can also use 80 proof vodka or ever clear. Sometimes it's hard to get ever clear. Ever clear probably works the best because it's pretty much jet fuel. It's like all pretty much I think it's like 80 percent alcohol. So like I said, as you're painting, though, the alcohol will evaporate. You want that when you paint with to get this metallic silver look. Because you cannot do this with water. If you do this with water it's going to break down your royal icing, it's going to make your fondant sticky. So I'm mixing the lemon extract with the highlighter silver and I'm going to paint over some of the scroll work here. And they both give very similar looks. If you want a real metallic look, I would use the silver highlighter as opposed to the new silver. You almost cannot tell the difference unless you put them side by side. So on the fondant here or up here on the heel I'll show you the difference. That is the silver highlighter and then we'll do. This is the new silver. You can see the difference once I put it on. One is a little more subtle than the other. They're very close. So this is how you make silver metallic fondant. I'm Christie Vega-Gluch from Phoenix Cake Company. Please visit our website. For more inspirational cake ideas, and tips and tricks. Thanks for watching.


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