How to Repair & Fix a Gas Furnace Heat Exchanger

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Repairing and fixing a gas furnace heat exchanger shouldn't require you to spend hundreds of dollars to consult professionals. Repair and fix a gas furnace heat exchanger with help from a plumbing, heating and cooling specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Tom Hutchinson from Hutchinson Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. We're here today to talk about replacing a heat exchanger in a gas furnace. Whenever you're working on a gas appliance, you always want to think of safety first. Before starting any repair you want to turn the power off to the unit, turn the gas off at the gas valve. When you are replacing a heat exchanger, it involves removing all the components in the gas burner section of the furnace including the gas burners, the gas valve and the venting inducer assembly. Alright, once all this is removed, it will expose the vestibule plate that leads to the heat exchanger itself. Removing the panels will give you access to the exchanger, the exchanger will slide out, the new exchanger will be reinstalled and then you simply put all the components back together again including the inducer assembly, gas valve and the gas burners. Once that has been completed, you're going to turn the gas back onto the furnace, turn the safety switch back on and bringing power to the unit, go to your thermostat, put it in the heat mode and set it at a temperature that's going to call for heat. This is something that is done by a professional service organization that has trained technicians. Make sure that your system is safe and it's going to keep your furnace running and keep your family comfortable all Winter long. Again, I'm Tom Hutchinson, Hutchinson Heating, Plumbing and Cooling. Thank you for watching.


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