The Best Drink With Lasagna

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Certain drinks pair exceptionally well with a delicious plate of lasagna. Learn about the best drink to go with lasagna with help from a professional sommelier, beverage director, and wine educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michael La Vardera here at The Tasting Rooms of American Estates Wines on the west side of Manhattan and today we're considering the best drink to pair with lasagna. Now we all know lasagna, we all know what it is. It's basically layers of pasta and cheese, sometimes meat topped with red sauce and more cheese. We all know lasagna, we all love it. Everyone has enjoyed it from master chefs to cartoon cats. You don't have to be an Italian to enjoy lasagna but when considering the best drink to pair with lasagna, we have to consider the lasagna recipe that's involved. Certainly a vegetable or spinach lasagna would call for a different wine pairing than your more traditional Ricotta meat and red sauce lasagna. I can actually even remember one Thanksgiving when my sister, Lisa, served what she called lasagna made from what she called sort of sweet potatoes. So the recipes and in fact, one's definition of lasagna will dictate what wine to pair with the dish. But for the purposes of this tasting I'm going to simply deal with the traditional lasagna of Ricotta cheese, red sauce and meat, you know, the one with which we're all pretty used to and familiar with and to pair a beverage with this timeless classic, we need only to look in part to the Italian flavors that these ingredients represent and I think any Tuscan lasagna lover will tell you that there's only one grape, one drink, one wine to pair with lasagna and that is Sangiovese and naturally any Sangiovese would fit the bill, from Chianti's to Brunello's to simple Rosso's di Montalcino, any of those would work great with any lasagna but we don't have to necessarily look to Italy to find great expressions of Sangiovese, we can find some right here in America. This expression of Sangiovese called Aquila from famed winemaker, Sean Thackrey out in California is a fantastic blend. This Aquila can pair against even your best Brunello's. It's so dark and so brooding and unlike most California wines, the Sean Thackrey Sangiovese actually continues to improve with ten or more years in the bottle. So there you have it, what's the best drink to pair with lasagna? If you can find it, Sean Thackrey's Sangiovese from California. We're pairing wine with lasagna at The American Estates Tasting Rooms on the west side of Manhattan. I'm Michael La Vardera reminding you to please, enjoy your wine.


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