How to Make a Party Punch With Ginger Ale

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Certain types of party punch use ginger ale as a primary ingredient. Make a party punch with ginger ale with help from a kitchen living expert and an authority on food, cocktails, entertaining in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Coryanne Ettiene, and today I'm going to show you how to create a fabulous Asian-inspired ginger ale punch. You know, ginger ale is used in so many cocktails as a mixer, but today I'm bringing that wallflower of a mixer front and center and showing you how to create an Asian-inspired ginger ale punch. I'm mixing my ginger ale with an orange Italian soda. I'm using the Italian soda rather than a fizzy soda pop because it offers a little bit more clarity to the beverage, but it's also healthier and has less refined sugars than a store-bought soda pop. I'm going to be mixing it with a little bit of coriander or cilantro leaves to give it a really nice spice, and then garnishing it with fresh orange and some ginger. To start, what you want to do is take one part ginger ale - I like to work in parts rather than exact measurements because everyone has a different punch size. So, you fill up your punch vessel halfway with ginger ale. When looking for a ginger ale for this punch, try and get one that's not too sweet or too light. You want a medium-body ginger ale. Then, you want to top off your ginger ale with an equal measurement of orange Italian soda. Oh, it smells just like oranges. What's really nice about this punch is that it works any time of year. Ginger ale is really soothing during the summer. It offers a really nice, crisp, by-the-beach taste. But also, during the winter months, it's really warming. So, any time of year, you can make this punch. Take your fresh orange and slice thin slices of orange. Now remember, when adding oranges, to your punches, the taste and the essential oils of the orange are in the orange peels. So, slice them nice and thin. You use thicker slices, and you'll have a very kind of essential oily, too much orange taste that will spoil your punch. Take your coriander or your cilantro leaves, tear a little bit off - just about a handful. I like to chop mine up just a little bit. Chopping them up releases all of those key essential oils that are inside the leaves, and really blends well. Give your punch a stir, and then rather than using regular ice cubes, what I've done is I've taken the orange Italian soda an made miniature ice cubes out of it. It saves my punch from being diluted, and if you have any left over, the children will love them as an afterschool treat. Pour your party punch in. Garnish with a little bit of orange, and a fabulous candy ginger stirring stick. This is Coryanne Ettiene, hoping that your next party packs a punch.


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