How to Get Ringtones on iPhone 4S Without iTunes

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iTunes isn't the only application in town when it comes to ringtones for your iPhone 4S. Get ringtones onto your iPhone 4S without iTunes with help from an expert in Apple retail in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Skylar, and if you've had your iPhone for more than two minutes, you've probably wondered how can I customize the ring tones? If you go to The All Store and then you search for ring tones you find a bunch of apps that allow you to create ring tomes out of the music on your phone, but then they say, ring tone can be accessed through iTunes file sharing and you're like, but I don't have a computer. So how can that work for me? Well, short answer is, it can't. So really the easiest way to get ring tones is just to buy them through iTunes. They're not that expensive and Apple makes it ridiculously easy to install them. So I'm going to start by unlocking my phone and navigating to The iTunes Store, it's the purple icon with the white cleft note in it. So here I am at The iTunes Store and I'm kind of looking around, but there's no obvious indicator that's says, ring tones be here, right? Tap the three buttons or the three dots, I mean the ellipsis on the right hand side that says more, so tap that. The first thing you see when you sit, when you tap more is this list of items, so what we want is tones, tap tones and now we're at the front page of The iTunes Tones Store and I'm going to take a quick look at things that I might get. I actually want alert tones for text messages or alarm buzzers, things like that and I'm going to look through here for a second. Oh, Star Wars, let's do that one. So I've found a tone that I want, I can tap on it in order to preview it, that's pretty good. So if I tap the price next to it and then tap buy tune it asks me, what I want to do? I can assign it to a contact, I can set it as my default text tone, I can set it as my default ring tone, so in my particular case I want to assign it to my boss. So I tap assign contact, it wants to access my contacts, I say okay and then I would search for my boss. Beep, beep, beep. Apply that text tone to my boss and then just hope that she doesn't call me when I'm in the room. I'm Skylar. Thanks for watching.


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