How to Fold a Scarf for Window Decorating

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Even something as simple as a scarf can make for a great window decoration. Fold a scarf for window decorating with help from an award-winning, celebrity interior designer and design psychology expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kelli Ellis of Kelli Ellis Interiors, and this is how to fold a scarf for a window treatment. There is a trick, of course, there's a trick, a designer trick. Now, most of us would buy a fabric scarf, you know, it looks gorgeous when you see them in the pictures, it looks beautiful when you see them in the homes. But I have learned a few tricks from some of the installers I've used. And this is it, I'm going to share them with you. Now, assume this is a fabric scarf, it's a piece of fabric, same difference. And it doesn't have to be a scarf you buy from a store, it could be a piece of fabric, anything that you like, you can do it. And I'll show you how it doesn't have to be one, continuous piece of fabric either. So, assume for our purposes, this is a wood window treatment rod. And so, it doesn't have to be wood, it could be metal. You see a lot of beautiful metal rods, but they still have these gorgeous scarfs and how do they look that way. Well, I'll tell you. If this was wood, the trick is to staple it, that's right, staple it right into the rod. So, I'm going to create a little fold here, if this was my hem, just to start with. And you staple it, so that it stays in one place, say, we staple here, and that's going to stay right there. Now, the trick is this, whenever you've tried and I know, you've tried, if you've tried to fold this scarf and you wonder how it's stays so beautiful and how it looks that way. That's because you actually create the fold on one side and then, you staple it again. O.k., so, now, you're creating swags and folds, they're not necessarily going to bend or go anywhere. You want to stylistically put them into place and then, you staple each fold. So, it doesn't go anywhere. Now, with most scarves and treatments, they're like a valence, they're not functional. So, you don't need them to cover the window, you don't use them at nights for privacy, they're truly just there for looks. So, think of them as being somewhat permanent. So, you don't really have to move them around, then you can staple them into place. So, you create another fold and then, you staple it. And when we staple it on the rod, you're never going to see this. So, now, we have a foundation in place, to start actually manipulating these folds, and get them to go where we want. Whenever you see a scarf that's cascading over the top of the rod, it's actually stapled into place. And all of these folds, all of the beauty that you see, is literally then, I'll show you, literally then, stapled again. So, you just keep stapling it, till you get exactly what you want, super simple. Now, if this was a metal rod, now, look, its not going anywhere, no one's going to be pulling on this. If you've created another swag right here, then you staple it again, so, so simple. And this is how you fold a scarf to make it look beautiful on the rod. And again, remember, you're not moving it, it's not going anywhere, it's going to stay gorgeous. Now, again, if this was a metal rod, the trick, of course, you're not going to staple it. You could try to tape it, maybe, not going to work. The trick we do, sew it. So, instead of stapling your folds, you want to sew each fold into place. And then, you're going to carefully hang it and then, you would use some like, glue always works, we're always using glue guns. So, nothing is really out of balance, you can do double stick tape for rugs, extra strong. To tape that initial, couple of folds down, or you can use glue gun. Never out of the question for any project, as you can ask any crafter, it's the greatest tool in the world. And then, we sew them together. So, instead of folding a spot and say, this was a metal rod. And I love the way this, one fold looks right here, I've got to have this right in this spot. You sew it and just tack it, couple of stitches, done. That way, everything keeps hanging the same way as it's supposed to, it never moves and it looks gorgeous. Here's a couple examples. If you have any questions about how to fold a scarf for a window treatment, don't hesitate to contact me at


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