How Are Multiplication of Fractions & Whole Numbers Alike?

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The processes through which you will multiply fractions and whole numbers are actually alike in a number of different interesting ways. Find out about how the multiplication of fractions and whole numbers are alike with help from a professional online tutor and academic scholar in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

HI. My name is Eugenia and I'm a math tutor. Today, we're going to talk about how multiplying fractions and whole numbers is alike. First lets begin by taking a look at how we multiply whole numbers. For example, if we have 5x3 we're really just adding 5 three times. 5+5+5. When we multiply fractions we do the same thing. They only difference is we have to do it separately for the numerator and denominator. So lets say we need to multiply 1/2x3/4. First we look at the numerator as if it were whole numbers. 1 and 3. We multiply those and get 3, so we write 3 in the numerator part of our answer. Next we look at the denominators. We know that 2x4 is 8, if we treat them like whole numbers, so we go ahead and write 8 in the denominator spot of our fraction. And that means that 3/8 is our answer. So multiplying fractions is very similar to multiplying whole numbers. We just do it twice; once in the top part of the fraction, and once in the bottom. My name is Eugenia, and thanks for watching.


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