Vegan Avocado Salad

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Even Vegans can get in on the fun of a delicious avocado salad. Make a Vegan avocado salad with help from a passionate avocado expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

So, we're gonna build a taco salad for vegans using all kinds of protein from vegetable matters. And like most salads, let's go ahead and I'll start with some lettuce, and I'm gonna rip this up. I have a nice soft, buttery lettuce, that I just got from a local farm. And I already had pre-washed it, so I'm just shredding it up. And next we're gonna add a layer of just plain old pinto beans from the can. Next we're gonna add some corn, and this is corn that I grilled on the outdoor grill, took it off the cob, so it's got kind of a delicious, smoky flavor to it. And then to contrast it, let's add some pretty grape tomatoes here. And next I'm going to put in some black beans, but I wanna tell you what I did with these that make them extra special. The black beans are just canned, but I cooked them overnight very slowly in a Crock-Pot using a Mexicola avocado leaves, and these are the kind of leaves that they would actually use down in Mexico to make flavoring for their beans, kind of like we might put bay leaves in one of our stews, and the Mexicola leaves come from this little tiny black avocado that is the original avocado that the Spanish conquistadors might have found when they came through Mexico hundreds of years ago. And the avocado's really tiny. It has these edible leaves, and the indigenous people use them for, as I mentioned, herbs, but they also boil them in water and make a tea out of it. And sometimes here in California I make an ice tea out of it, and it's really delicious and refreshing in the summer time. You might wonder what kind of flavor it imparts, well the original avocados have kind of a, like a fennel or a late season basil flavor to them. Some people think like anise, or a little bit like black licorice. And the avocado, when it's ripe, this one's not quite ripe yet, but when it's ripe, you can actually eat it just like a plum, you can bite right into it and the skin and everything is edible. So, if you're a vegan and you rely on a lot of protein from avocados, this is definitely something you might wanna research. So they're drained, and make sure you get out all of the leaf bits, because that's not really edible, and then we'll just keep building our beautiful layered salad here. Of course we have to put some of my heritage avocados on them. And I'm gonna use this nifty little tool, we're gonna press it right into the avocado, and you push it nice and tight, and then you turn it counter-clockwise, and then when you lift it up, look at, the avocado has come out and it's cubed! So we're just gonna dump it right on top of our dish here. We'll use some vegan-friendly tortilla chips, and there you go. We got a taco salad with no animal protein. So thanks for being with me as we made this vegan taco salad. I'm Brenda Cusick, the Avocado Diva.


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