Avocado Bean Salad

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Avocado bean salad can be made right in the comfort of your very own kitchen any time you'd like. Make avocado bean salad with help from a passionate avocado expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Brenda Cusick, the Avacado Diva, and today we're going to make a sprouted mungbean and avocado salad. So we'll be using some sprouted mungbeans, a whole bunch of coleslaw-type ingredients like shredded cabbage and shredded carrots. I have some heirloom tomatoes, mushrooms, some bell pepper, and of course, my favorite, the heirloom too avocados. All right, so here we've got our sprouted beans and they're rinsed off a little bit and we're going to build our salad inside of this jar. So, we're going to start by putting a vinaigrette in the bottom and I made this vinaigrette just from a standard grocery store vinaigrette dressing. Put in the vinegar and their spice mix and then I smashed up an avocado with like a potato masher and put it in here and then filled up to where it said with the oil so that, about half of my oil is coming from the avocado and the other half is coming from whatever kind of oil you'd like to use. You can use an olive oil, avocado oil, or just a canola oil and then we're going to put a tablespoon or two at the bottom of our jar here and next we're going to pile in some vegetables that won't disintegrate while they're sitting in the dressing. So, cabbage is very sturdy. We'll put a little bit more of a purple cabbage and let's throw in some delicious carrots that are all shredded up and now I'm going to put in my beans and the beans are also very stable. They will love being marinaded a little bit in the vinegar and oil dressing. And now, on top of that, we can put a couple of things that are not quite as stable. Put some bell pepper, mushrooms, and I have these beautiful heirloom tomatoes and we'll put the tomatoes on top and then we're going to put the avocado last because it's the softest of all these veggies. So, let's see, out of my heirloom avocados over here, I have a lamb avocado that's already open. So, I'm going to do a little sneaky trick and just carve it up while it's still inside of it's skin. This is a summer avocado so it has a thick skin. It's related to the Haas so you can tell it's ripe and ready to eat because it's this black on the outside and it was nice and soft. Now, I'm just going to use my slicer even though I've cubed it up and this will really mince it up and I'll put it right here on top of my jar. Here we go. Let's mash these guys right through here and then we're going to put the lid on and it's ready to go in the refrigerator and I can take it to work or my kids can take it to school or my husband could take it with him and when it's time to eat, you just shake it up, get your dressing all over your salad, and that is a healthy way to get beans and protein from the avocado. I'm Brenda Cusick the Avocado Diva.


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