Crunchy Avocado Salad

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How you cook avocado salad affects how crunchy the salad ends up being. Make crunchy avocado salad with help from a passionate avocado expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Brenda Cusick, the Avocado Diva, and today we're going to make an avocado salad that has a lot of crunchy elements. So, we're going to have a crunchy salad made with lettuce. We're going to bake some kale. We're going to make some crispy pepitas and I'm not going to show you how to do this, but I'll walk you through. It's very simple. Take a sauteed pan, put a little bit of oil in it, probably use avocado oil and then again, sprinkle it with, like some garlic salt or sea salt and if you want them spicy, I would add some cayenne pepper to it. And then here's the trick. When it's, they're starting to turn brown and you're tossing them and turning them with a spatula, you're going to take a lemon or lime, put it in your squeezer or just with your hand and squeeze it all over those hot pumpkin seeds. And watch out because you know what happens when oil and water mix, well, oil and juice will mix, these pumpkin seeds are going to pump up and get nice and fat and they're super crispy and quite delicious. So, now, we're going to make our crispy avocado salad. And one of the things that we're going to make is what's called baked kale. And you're going to cut along both sides of this strong stem in the middle. So, you need to pull the stem out and throw it away because it's too tough to really it. And then, we're going to take all of the pieces of the kale and kind of break them up into big or small chunks, depending on what you're going to use it for. So, just sprinkle it with a little bit of oil and then we're going to sprinkle it with some sea salt or some garlic salt, whichever one you like. And then, you just pour it onto a cookie sheet. Spread it out nice and flat. And here's the tricky part, go ahead and get your oven heated to about 300 degrees and put the kale in there for about five minutes and turn it off and leave it in there overnight. And it will come out looking like this. So, now to finish our salad, we're going to slice an avocado and let's choose one of our Heritage avocados here and we just washed this one to get all the dust off of him. Always wash your avocados. And now, we're just going to cut it in half. So, you just slice right down the middle, all around the pit and with a twisting motion, you get the avocado open. And I'm going to use a special avocado diva type tool here; this can help us get the pit out very easily. You just put it in there and it pops the pit right out. And the other end, I love this part, you just slide right through the avocado; ohh, this one's really ripe; and it will give you some beautiful avocado slices. Okay. We're going to arrange our avocado on top of the salad and then to make our avocado crunch or our salad, we're going to put some pepitas on here. I'm going to put crispy kale, hmm; my kids love that crispy kale. And then any kind of crispy vegetables you would like are a good addition as well. In this case, I'm going to put one of my favorites, you could put any kind of dressing on here you would like. You can put a vinaigrette or I just happen to have a creamy avocado dressing that I made in the food processor. And then you can just sprinkle that all over your salad and this can be sort of the family style. Here's your crispy avocado salad from The Avocado Diva.


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